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What size outboard for Tiki 38 with single pod infront of rear mast. Cannot aford 4 stroke. Had a 15 hp but previous owner feels to small. Would a 30 hp be to big?

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No, 30hp would be fine. Just make sure your mount can withstand the torque and that you have a high thrust prop. Most outboards are set-up for high speed, not slow sailboats.

Thanx for reply! We hope to sail her in Mozambique, Bazarutho island with mostly shallow protected tropical water. Passages will typically be short , 50 Nm or less per day. Tidal flow can be very strong in places and no harbours at all.
Anchorage will be sand in protected bay or lee of small islands. I have very little experience with yachting. Have used power boats for many years there, but feel a change to sailing could work for us. Bought a Tiki 38. Single engine not a problem as lots of room to motor. Do need to balance the need for power to battle tidal flows at entrance to bays etc with the limmited availability of fuel as well as very high cost and limited storage anboard, keeping in mind a 2 stroke motors consumption ( 4 stroke to expensive , heavy , difficult to service and impossible to insure against theft ).
What Hp would you think would be a good compromis? Could supplement power need with dingy or rib with 30 Hp?

Hi Emil - I have a Pahi 42. When we bought her about 10 years ago she had one old Tohatsu 18hp 2-stroke mounted centrally. It works in calm weather! ;-p Now we have 2 lifting pods with one new and one older 9,9hp 4-strokes. MUCH more punch through the waves and turning ability (I know you said you don't need that, we do). If you can find  an older yamaha 9,9 high thrust 4-stroke, go for it (IMO)! From what I understand trying to make a regular outboard into a "high thrust" version is not just about changing the prop, though that helps maybe. The gear ratio is actually very different and there is nothing you can do about that.

Thanx. This really helps. One 9,9 might be underpowered? Yamaha do make bigger models, but very expensive in SouthAfrica.
Will keep on researching and bugging you guys !

I'm not sure - I often motor using just one motor. Two are needed for turning in confined harbours (we have a lot of those here in the Baltic) & for motoring into strong head winds.

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