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Hi all,

In the latest issue of Multihulls World there is a mention of a new Wharram design called Mana 24. They refer to wharram.com for more information, but I can't find any info.


Anyone else have more information?



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thnx Eric. yes an interesting sailplan.

I wish that they'd not abandoned the Tiki 24 Millennium, whicn was a true improvement on the Hinemoa. Nice ideas but the whole concept is still Hinemoa-sized.  I think this boat will have limited appeal for families on a budget wanting to sail coastal passages, which remains the size of boat for which the Wharrams have never really provided a definitive solution - just that bit bigger than a Hinemoa but cheaper than a Tiki 26, with options on cabin-tops/no cabin-tops and other accessories. The 'Millennium' had vital statistics that were just right for coastal hopping and ditch-crawling, including keeping the overall beam under control. I am still pondering my own build because nothing quite fits the bill. The Tiki 24 would have been 'it' - I don't think this is quite There. I am resigning myself to having to work from Tiki 21 plans and scale everything up.

Overall I think the Wharrams don't provide enough variants on their basic designs. Compare John Marples' portfolio and there is a lot more choice - if you like small trimarans......

Looks like this is getting some coverage at Wooden Boat as well.


I really like the chined hull design of the Mana 24. Specially because of the interior space, the "keel", that I suppose give's her a better tack angle than the traditional tikis, and also the new position of the hull hatches, more forward, that gives it space for the stern bunks.

But, and there is always a "but", I don't really like the rigging configuration of the boat... I'd better prefer the main and gib configuration of the Tiki's, for simplicity, for having just one mast and also because its just more beautiful...

Did anyone knows about someone that tried a mixed configuration? I mean,  a Mana 24 with a Tiki rigging? or even a Tiki 21 or 26 with Mana like hulls?

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