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1st Day under sail, and what a great day it was!!!!

Keep Shunting, Balkan Shipyards


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Hello Rael - may the dolphins be with you.  Funny how they like the multihulls.....

Thanks Ian, they truly do, I have noticed that too....

I'm very pleased with the boat, pretty balanced and rig works well, engine too.

Later that day winds built and we were going fast, I bent a rudder, so been buffing them up, going back to sea tomorrow, hope these work, if not will make new ones.

Take care my friend, the Force is strong

Well done Rael, it's quite an achievement to have everything more or less balanced from the off. I have seen the video with the rudder, just a small snag. You must be very happy for your ideas to come to fruition successfully. Best wishes and fair winds  Ian

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