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tiki 26 plans suggest to add optional lines as vang in order to prevent twist in head of sail, but I've never seen theese lines on a tiki.

Make it sense to use theese extra lines?


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I bought some small line for the gaff vangs, but ended up using it for other things. . .If you want to wring out all possible speed to windward, no doubt they would help. But of course the whole rig would have to be well-tuned to take advantage of them. ;~)



The vang lines are not needed. I've sailed Cookie over 4,000 miles to windward and the Tiki gaff mainsail works brilliant. Just make sure you have peak halyard and cam cleat set-up so that you can get LOTS of peak halyard tension for going to windward.

On Cookie, I dump the mainsheet and get all tension I can on peak halyard and then sheet in again and have a very tight leech that drives Cookie so well to windward. 40 to 45 degrees to the wind at 5 kts is good enough for me.

Cheers, Rory



so, "the whole rig would have to be well-tuned" means "you can get LOTS of peak halyard tension for going to windward."   ?


I've found the same as Rory on both a Tiki 21 and 31.  Good peak tension is the key.  It pays to make sure you have good non stretch halyards as re tensioning halyards mid trip is a pain.

Another deviation from the plans is to make sure teh blocks for the peak halyard and the throat halyard are separate. The plans have these as a double block which I find creates a twisting effect because the two halyads are going to different places.  Separate the blocks and the hauling effort is improved.

I've also never liked having the hayards go inside the sail sleeve.  I find it creates unnecessary friction and being outside the sleeve doesn't significantly affect the performance of the sails


and what about main trolley and genoa or jib?

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