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Hi all
What is everyone using in Europe.
I have been using West in the UK, but since my move to Europe, I'd like to look at alternative brands.
Not having much luck with west distributers

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I'm in the UK and use EL2 epoxy resin from easycomposites.com

They ship to most European countries and there's a euro option for prices on their website.  Their service has always been very good.

Rob H

try bootsservice-behnke.de

Hi, located in France, I use Resoltech's products.

1010 : a water based resin for coating

2040 : a precharged resin for fillets


you should consider also http://www.sicomin.com/

Sicomin SR5500 is my favourite (no blush). A great resin for coating and bonding

Also used R-G (L+GL1) and Behnke Resins

Thanks all

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