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Enjoy the boat, enjoy the food, but my sailing skills...


That was a nice day, with light wind.

Some problems made us start late, and we ended to a small island, not as far as we wanted to go first, where we had an unhealthy lunch. 

However, I think I do not sail the boat properly. Look at these angles! I take care of the jib pennons, but the double mainsheet that I put on may be a mistake, the sail is not pull backward and creates a big pocket. 

Ah! And the sailing time includes the lunch break, of course...



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Other things which have help me point :

1. A downhaul on the main to get the wrinkles out

2. Pull really hard on the gaff halyard (See little Cat, Roger uses a 2:1 on the gaff)

3. Use a barber haul or tweeker to pull the head sail sheeting point inboard. See Little Cat blog again.

I use a Laser vang block with another block and a hook to tweek the sheet positions. Also don't point too high as slightly off will give a better VMG.

Laser Vang Block (L91462) | P&B

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