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Hello all,  my name is Jimmy and I am the new owner of a Tiki 26 that was left here on lake Bacalar.  The crossbeams were so rotten they fell apart. I need to know how far apart the center lines on the two hulls are too be set at.

And is there any asymetry to the hulls?  Meaning is the distance between the two bows the same as the distance between the sterns?

Thanks in advance.  I cannot wait to get this baby back on the water.


AKA Katiedobe on the Wooden boat forum.

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It's roughly 11'... I'm just on my way to my slip , I'll get you the measurement today, Jimmy.

Jimmy, on the plans the distance is 3200mm or 10' 6".  Bow and stern. Didn't get to the boat after all, got sidetracked!

Great info thanks.  I really appreciate it.

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