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Hello All,

I know this may horrify some of you but I'm thinking of building a bridgedeck and cabin with 6 ft headheight on to  uncompleted 9m wharram hulls. I realise this will affect windward ability but intended use is as a coastal cruiser  and will fit big outboard. Has anybody else done this and what do you think ? Also what would one pay for two old hulls poss 6 to 8 years old (no rigging). 



ps the cabin roof would be attached to the extreme port and starboard sides of the existing

hulls and rise up to 6 feet in the middle - a sort of half circle shape at the stern end and sloping down to a front beam at the bow end.

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Galway Bay said:

!! Looks like he is on a canal so the biggest danger is if he tries to drink the water !!

i love this one... great.... LOL



489 clicks on the discussion... Innes, this will be the record .....

Hi All,

Thanks for your photos - Brill :)  and all comments. I will not be doing this project after all as the owner of the hulls,

has told me he is going to try and complete his boat next season. I really hope he does as its sad to see a half completed boat never hitting the water. The purist's among you will be pleased to know hes putting nothing in the middle, No cabin at all. 

I will be building a brand new cat, not a Wharram, and not something like that boat on the canal LOL :),

won't tell you what but give you a clue its got an A frame rig. Will send link to photos on completion.

Happy Sailing folks


why not 500 clicks ? That fluvial Wharram boat is funny here and get a lot of LOL , but if you look all the photos , it is done with a lot of attention and coherence with the project of the builder and his own desire and culture (happy Belgium !) . It make us smile but i respect all form of creativity. And why not on two W hulls basis . The w designs are not all 100/100 JW. Innes has may be a coherent programm of navigation and can create the boat according to his dream and may be with errors and not so perfect proportions . All our boat will finish in rot dust one day . Personnaly i prefer the Polynesian dream , will sail bare foot, call my boat with polynesian name is good attitude here, and folowing the plan always the best way , i am OK . But i respect all form of creativity and culture .

I hope some of the responses here were helpful. Of course the thread did wander ..they all seem to after a while.. I am very keen to follow your progress and may be in Scottish waters next summer. I have sent a friend request if you check your page it should be there...this will enable us to exchange e-mails. Best of luck...

Just used the "Edit" to google South Queensferry - E Coast....If I get there at all it will be W Coast ..Still not a million miles away...

Rogerio Martin -

Thanks for the photo of Tiki 31 Kahuna - It looks a lot like what Innes was thinking of ? And thanks for the other photos also always great to see the boats on the water and in use..

yep look at my photos, plus i have two 9.9 outboards and we sail  well,

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