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I was wondering if anyone can help me understand how the plyjoints on bulkhead 3 and 6 are secured togeather as they are too big to be cut out of one sheet width?


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On which design?

Tiki 30

On Tiki 30

They are joined with a butt plate. This is shown on the plans.


I see the but blocks for the sides panels but not for the bulkheads.

I just looked it up in the plans. It would seem you are right, the butt blocks are not mentioned. But if the butt blocks for the side panels are specified at 100 mm width (9 mm panels), then I would guess a 700 mm width butt block for the 6 mm bulkheads will be enough.

I cut in only one sheet, but I was have extra plys.

is secure, all wharran joints (buttblocks) is secure. when you joint with buttblocks, you double your thickness

Ok, my memory is returning. It was a long time ago that I built my T-30, and the plans went with the boat when I sold it.

All of the bulkheads are cut one piece. The lower bulkheads came from a couple of sheets of ply, and all of the upper bulkheads and ring frames were cut in full from a few sheets of ply. Just look at your ply cut sheet to see how they all get cut on the plywood. There is no need for butt blocks. The beam of each hull is far less than 8', so the upper bulkheads are cut from the ply laid on its side, same as the Tiki 38.

I guess the two sheet method in the plans is for minimizing plywood waste by using two smaller sheets. I think I will buy a cpl of extra sheets and cut them out of one sheet each.

I second the extra couple of sheets. You'll find uses for the extra scraps , later.

Thanks for the advice!

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