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Just back from a short holiday in Gambia, seems like a GREAT place to build my Tiki 26.  Everything is soooo cheep. Has any one ever built there? 

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Wasn't that where Hans Klaar built his new catamaran "Ontong java"? A member here - John Caprani was there building with him. Why not pm him for more info? I believe he's in Fiji (some poly island) now.

Thanks for the quick and helpfull reply, Im on to it..

Mate i would check out what epoxy, marine ply and stainless fittings cost there. Are they available? bearing in mind that Hans built ontong java out of traditional materials that are readily available and would be cheap compared to imported western materials.

good luck with your exploits.

AAAAAGH.....This is Africa see Hans' account of his midnight launch / escape.  Not for everyone. Cheap is not the only consideration....But if you really have the local connections etc.. BUT be aware this is Africa and the greasing of palms may add to the cost ????  Just one man's possibly skewed view...

I figured I'd let someone else put him off ......
South Africa might be a better option? But you won't save on ply and epoxy etc as prices are same everywhere more or less. Could save on living costs, food, shed rental etc.
But.... From wherever, you then have to get the boat back home and may have to import it, bringing further expenses.

Epoxy resin might be the same but WEST is about 500% dearer in UK / EU... MADNESS. For only one alternative see www.resoltech.com this from a recomendation on this site.  I myself have used many alternatives with 100% success.  S/steel might be the same but fabrication will refect local labour cost ?

For a GENUINE voyager bringing his /her boat home - this will in many countries be exempt from tax as "household goods".

Interestingly, John was offering to build a boat like Ontong java for € 75,000. I'd imagine there were some profits and living expenses in that? Oj being 72' odd, that's not bad value.....
He did remove the offer from google plus quickly tho.
Couldn't be that bad, if he was willing to do it again? And I see that Hans is already offering the boat for sale.
Could be he made a story, so that others don't go there and do it for themselves?

I am 65, should be a pensionist, living in Norway, the most expencive land to live in. Never been rich, dont wont to be, BUT.... my small pension would go much further in Gambia. There is a need for training for young Gambians and there are training centers, My plane is to get work in such a Skill centre and introduce boat building (Wharram style). Result : A Tiki 26, built with love, a gang of very proud trainees and a new fishing boat for some poor fisherman. ( He can fish, I can sail!)  WIN.WIN.WIN!

there is an Italian bloke i read about in a magazine who wanted to do the same sort of thing but the availability of modern materials was a challenge. i think somewhere like Fiji or PNG would be a better proposition for a project like this as plywood is made locally.

I have never been to any part of Africa but I hear that a lot of French boats especially cruise the African Atlantic  coast and a friend of mine really enjoyed his cruise in the Cape Verde Islands. I would love more info. on this area. Jean Paul I hear that there is a huge demand and need in this area for English language teachers. The TEFL. course can be completed in a few weekends. Gut feeling if you want to build a boat here or anywhere else just do it. Do'nt get it all weighed down with some other agenda. You will have enough problems already without importing others.

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