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Micro Proa, Shunting and traditional NAVIGATION

Balkan Style.... VIDEO below

Keep Shunting, Balkan Shipyards


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Fantastic video, you reallly are an  inheritor of Wharram,

Wharram taught me to think out of the box.

That's why I'm here, this is where it all started......

Thanx 4 D good ENERGY

Keep Shunting, Balkan Shipyards

I was just laminating up my local river chart in some persplex recuperated (as the French say) from secondary glazing my last house....

My chart table is portable with a waterproof perspex lid so I can use it in the cockpit...

Anyway, back to the zen.

I have spent years thinking about this and have learned nothing:

You will understand this.

I built a quite large Japanese  Teahouse for an Australian millionaire and learned something:

the man did not learn from  zen either, even though he bought every Japanese article he could think of that conformed to the teahouse "ideal".

One thing I have "picked up" in the way is that learning not to think is where creativeness lives:

To trust in intuition, and then taking it directly to hand on paper or with a tool.

If only we did this in our lives with people....

But back to the boats and Wharram. It's not just about the TECHNIK of the boats.

Why should we crave a beautiful boat?

Wharram for me is wabi sabi, (not to be defined.....


Your Australian client just couldn't see the forest since there were too many trees in the way....

Yet you describe Zen very well Ian, a state of not thinking yet flowing in harmony....

 I find that many "mistakes" I made turned out to be the best thing ever, it has happened in my life countless times, in boatbuilding, carpentry, even in life itself. They usually became the best thing ever, or otherwise lead to the best thing ever.

That's the connection between mind and matter, the secret bond, where the subconscious takes over and gets the job done... That is the Zen. It's an understanding, just knowing it will get done, no fear, no ifs and no buts. There's no mistakes only conclusions, those who fear making mistakes are those who do nothing. We don't belong among them, so we go ahead feeling the job, of course we think, yet we feel more...

As for wabi shabi..... It's truly the way to go, since nothings perfect..... Even God, when he finally made the "perfect" creature, he called it man.... Well, it almost seems as if god purposely created some of mans defects, because man is a total ballsup in my opinion....   

I have no time for perfect clean hospital looking lines... Freestyle is much better. I feel, the unsure future will take us back in time, to where adzes and axes shaped canoes, to a time where imperfection was perfect.

Keep Shunting Ian


I'll be back in France soon, and will disappear from these places...and give people a rest from my views. No computer, off -grid, just me and my dog,  red squirrels and roe deer. Boat floating on her moorings I hope..

If we look at where James Wharram's ideas come from, they are classic Arts and Crafts ideals (eg Wm. Morris).

I am going to quote from ""People of the Sea " (Wharram/Boon 2020)

"My second persona in the late 1940's was poliitics...in the post-war 40's , politics was a vibrant, believable subject...

..I learned to self-study...guided by the (British Museum's) marvellous card-index system. My political studies ..included.. HG Wells. George Bernard Shaw, Bertrand Russell,  and William Morris, whose Arts and Crafts ideals

are still an important  part of my design philosophy... In addition I studied  Adam Smith, Ricardo, Marx and ...Keynes."

Don't tell the Daily Mail!!

In Dickens' "Bleak House", there is a character defined by "telescopic philanthropy" (ie charity to far (colonial)  places).

Now we have "telescopic misanthropy" because we are exporting our bad habits to places like China where the median wage is $4000 , and which is still building coal power stations,

We must start again the process of building  and making again by ourselves...

Axe and adze... why not. .......

Keep shunting Rael  - you write and speak beautifully.

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