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Hi all, the full boat, at port. 

Launching soon...

Keep Shunting, Balkan Shipyards 


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  Artisans will be the elite with the heat ....

Brotherly love

A day will come and skill will become more powerful than money, my friend....

keep Shunting, the Force is with U

Balkan Shipyards

Good luck Rael.

I have just been cleaning up my hulls to go back in May 31. A few nicks here and there but not much after 12 months on the Dart.

Things are changing very fast now Rael. I forecast all this  back in the Brexit vote time, and 25 years before when I left Cantab University for a 5 acre organic plot in Ireland 1979.

We know neoliberalism stole the show. Read up the Koch Bros.

Climate change accelerates, the oligarchs profit....for a while.

We are on Endgame now, let us fight on, we must, you never know...

The dark side is very strong these days.
As east and west sit at the round table and discuss their future without considering ours, we truly have no choice...

Our skills and knowledge are our strength. The herd keeps grazing, glaring down at it's present, consuming now all it can. Tomorrow is of no importance, life has become but a mere rat race of running in no direction....

We all have a choice, yet choosing to walk away as the herd moves on, takes courage...

You have a great ship Ian, my boat fills my head with doubt... 1 hull, little displacement, very little accommodation, maybe too little to fit the dream itself....

Launching soon, if the Force is with me, a decade and half of proa design will finally come together, if so, I'm heading for the islands, if I get there or not truly doesn't matter, what does, is that I tried...

My friend, launch and go, may the Force B with you.

Keep Shunting,
Balkan Shipyards

Dear Rael

I think you should have confidence in your boat. You are an artist with your thoughts and feelings, but also you have understood ideas  and understood the physics of what you are doing, with practical experience and study of previous techniques. As an artisan myself I can see the transfer that you also have from mind to hand also. Having built my own boat, we know all the potential faults we are not 100% happy about: but the boat -consumer-buyers know nothing of that when they buy one, they just don't know.

if you look at the history of James Wharram, you are venturing in the same area though Wharram wasn't at all an artisan like the ones I have known. Technique was possibly not a preoccupation,as it is for me, (mildly, in a zen way), more a means to an end.  But James Wharram was a student of a wide range of ideas, this helped him create  or recreate the concept of the Wharram catamarans with Hanneke Boon. He was informed by his ideas , this made him an exception beyond others. This is politically very different from the neoliberal pressure to restrict students to STEM subjects, as if the other stuff was airy fairy bollox.

Truly inventive people are pioneers, they will always be out front with backbiters behind, even their own thoughts bite them.

You probably already  know more about proas than anyone else on the Earth practically just now...don't look behind you, press on.

Fair winds and best wishes   ian

You have a great power Ian.

U can put words together in a way that charges the reader to the full.

I don't know you, yet I know the Force is very strong with you, we may be different atoms, still we are surely one molecule...

I just drove 300 km home from the Black sea, at present, I'm high up in the Balkans. I have a week to organize the final stages of the rigging before I go back to launch.

Your reply came on time, I truly needed this push and I'm grateful you felt the need to send it.

You are a friend, I hope we meet.

May the Force always B with U Ian  

I wish U Health and Happiness


Hope it is going well Rael, I am relaunching 31 May. You don't know me , but you do. ....we will meet sometime.

It will be a pleasure Ian!
I just got to the black sea, tomorrow we start junk rigging.... And a big list of other things.
Good luck with your launch!
Take care

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