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There are 77 ARIKI's out there, does anyone own one or have pics of one?





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The first fiberglass Wharram Ariki catamaran hull is almost ready to pop off the mold. The layup is complete and we are making prperations for the big event. We have started the final fairing of the hull. We have also built a cart/craale to recieve the hull once it is off the mold. 


These wheels are off Lineberry carts. They were as common as dirt in lots of factories and manufacturing facilities through out the Southeastern US. As many of these facilities have closed in the past years there are alot of these carts available inexpensively. I am using the big wheels and have built yokes and am using 1 1/4" all thread for axles.

The inner layer of 1/2" plwood here isnot glued. It is there to reserve space for the padding which we will line the faying surfaces with.

We have made the yokes so that we can pivot them to make moving the hull around the shop easier.

Some paint and pads and it will be ready for it's first tenant.

Below we have sanded off the first coat of fairing . We are getting close!!!


Nice,this must be exciting for you,love the carts.

I am very excited to see my hull flipped over.



How soon is the flip going occur? I am exited to see it as well.

We are fairing away. The cool weather is not our norm. It looks like we will put him rghtside up at the end of this week.  I as well am very excited.

It is official. We will pull the boat off the mold tomorrow, Sat, at high noon.Then set her rightside u pin a cradle. Then a wee bit of celebration. Any and all arewelcome to join us. YIPPIE

I will be there!!!!!!!!

I'll celebrate a "wee bit" with you folks from afar!  A significant milestone. . .

So where are the photos from Saturday? Let's see the hull off the mold. I hope it went well. Good luck with the rest of the build.

A couple more

Awesome!!!  Now you need a bigger shop (again).

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