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I am now nearing completion of my Pahi 42 in Plettenberg Bay, Southern Cape, South Africa. The plans allow for a single outboard motor attached centrally to the rear of the cockpit assembly. I wish to use two Mariner 25HP twostroke motors set as far apart as possible onto the cockpit assembly allowing as much space as possible in the centre for a central mounted boarding ramp, which will also carry a small inflatable dingy with 5hp motor.

Does anyone have any advise for me in this regard? Please send photos of designs you may have developed? Has anyone consider moving the motors forward to amid ships, maybe as far forward as in line with the mast? But this raises further questions around accessibility and lifting/lowering designs?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Regards Graham.

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Hi Graham,

I have seen a Pahi 42 with 2 15HP fourstroke motors, and it worked well.  See below picture of Mahuini.

I hope this helps,


I saw this boat in Tonga in 2011 and Inga I think was very happy   with his set up. Would recommend 4 stroke as opposed to 2 stroke. Remember 2 stroke leave behind an oil slick on surface of the water. Not good for our dolphin and whale friends:) Much quieter too.

regards Brett

The Tiki 38s have their motors mounted fwd of the pod under the cockpit settees. We have built sleds similar to the T38s that hinged down from the cockpit for a pair of outboards. I find further fwd desirable as the weight is more central and the motors will ventilate less.

Just saw above photo,,, very similar to what we did for the sleds. Quite different on deck arrangement.

Our Pahi 42 has two engines mounted in pods, very similar to the above picture. Our engines are 9,9s. I think it could work to move the pods further forward, but easy access to the motors is essential and you need to have clearance for the top part of the motor, so you would use space from inside a cockpit locker to achieve this. Our pods swing from a point on the front edge of the cockpit, so just behind the 3rd beam. The pods I built are a simple V-shape but I have heard that they should float on the water for 1m or so in front of the engine, a bit like a mini-optimist dinghy. If you do that, there will be less clearance when in the raised position.

I took my motors off.. 2X 9.9 yamahas...  My boat  (Tangaroa mk IV ) sails so much better.. I have a 4hp for if there is absolutely no wind.. I have done around 1000 nm around the north queensland coast and islands since I removed them and I don't miss them at all. If you have to sail everywhere then you learn how to sail your boat well . And Wharrams do sail surprisingly well.

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions, together with photos. Looks like I will run with two outboard pods mounted amidships alongside the command pod and forward of the cockpit for better weight distribution and manuvability. If anyone has further photos of outboard pods that would help me design, please post them. This would be appreciated........thanks again.

Steve, I admire your attitude and purity, but having no engines would not work for me. Here in the Baltic, and particularly the Finnish archipelego, it would be very very difficult to get into any harbour and basically would confine you to only sailing on the open sea. All the costal routes (marked channels) are very rocky and often dog-leg, if not turn 180 degrees sometimes. Trying to tack along that type of route with a big Wharram is "interesting" - & slow! But great if you can do it!

charlie , why would you say that?

The only advantage in having the engine further aft is if you have a single engine as then the angled thrust is more effective for manoeuvring as in effect the point of leverage is further back (I discovered this when I rebuilt the centre of my Hinemoa and moved the engine forward, it cavitated less but my turning circle increased despite the engine being able to be rotated just as much.

Charlie said:

I regret saying that. As always, life is about compromise. They can and should be put wherever you like.
When my boat is underway, the pivot point is right back aft, and the props stay under the water better.
Hate that prop coming outta the water. That's what I was thinking.
But now I've changed my mind and say, put 'em wherever you like! Ha!

Thank you Robert. Yes you would be right. As I will be running two outboards which will be fixed, they will not turn, I will be relying on the forward movement of the boat and its own rudders, together with the ability of powering one motor forward and even reversing the second for tight manuevability in confined spaces. As I have marginally lengthened the beams I have enough space to site the motors in a central position between the command pod and the hulls.

I will be starting the construction of the outboard pods this week.

Thanks to everyone for their input.

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