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ciao everybody

I'm going to rebuild the mastbeam, because the old one is definitly rotten.

I'm actualy copying the original one, because I bought my TIKI26 and I did not build it.


I realized the bottom part of the beam is not exactly linear but looks like bent, curved. The mastbeam has a lens shape.

Is this because of the pressure of the mast on the center of the baeam? is it deformed under stress of the mast OR should I build thenew beam respecting this shape?

I can post some pictures, maybe it's better

grazie a tutti


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Hi Adriano,

The apex of the curve should be up. . .Does your existing beam have the dolphin striker, with the wire cable?

the apex of the curve IS up and the beam had dolphin striker with wire cable.

the bow beam on the opposite has a apex curve down.

so  have I to respect this shape? mmh.... it's little bit more difficult

I try to post some pictures

Hey Adriano,

Both Mast and aft beams have a flat bottom with a curved top and fairing. Fwd beam has a curved bottom and as Kym mentioned Mast beam has a wire dolphin striker.

I'm sure Wharram would avail drawings to you, even if for a fee.

Enjoy the build, I did.


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