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Apologies for posting untitled photos !!  if one of you care to tell me where I went wrong - much appreciated.

Photos show  - deck layout, good cockpit and deck area - extended galley now  seats 3 -  good clear headroom over bunk [ beamtrough removed ].


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Wow- that's beautiful. Congratulations. I've always been curious how well the trim boards work?


Thanks !!   21 years old this year i think - must check the crane receipt [ always kept it "for good luck" ].

My trim board is a full daggerboard ie. I have extended it by 18". I seem to spend most of my time reefed in strong winds and large seas. In these conditions the board is a must. The boat will go to windward without it but as I reef down I need alll the help I can get.

A project I would consider would be to fit low aspect skegs like the Tiki and eliminate the board. This would also allow me to deepen the rudders as these can be overpowered when running across some large swells. An extra 6" or 8" draught would not be a real concern in my sailing area.

However for 2013 the only project is to GO SAILING  and hopefully make some decent passages. Yes it can be cold and wet and windy here but it is also uncrowded and welcoming and a wonderful cruising ground.

It's days on the water that count the most! Your boat also looks very comfortable inside - compared to a Tiki 21 it looks like the Hilton.

mate she is lovely.

Looking good. 3 beam vs 4.. Or 5 fits good. Always looked at the rudders on pahi's and wondered if they were big enough....
Matey, the Pahi 31 has always been the ship of my dreams and yours sir, is truly delightful. We shall all raise our glasses to 2013 and safe passages.

Thanks guys - thanks one and all. I have been so impressed with the reaction to these photos that I have launched a Small Pahi Group on this site. So if you know if any Pahi 20 was ever built or are interested in Pahi 26 or 31 here is a site for you / us !

A Safe and Happy Christmas to all.

Hi. I think you had make a wonderful modification. I never liked the beam Nº 2 over the bunk because it seems dangerous if you want to sleep with your head to the bow. This beam also looks uncomfortably for seating in the kitchen hull, so with the beam in the middle you solved to problems at once. And with three beams instead of four you have a light boat. I always liked the Pahi 31 and with your changes I liked it even more!

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