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Wharram Tiki 26 Macleay Island

For sale - Peter Gumtree Ad ID 1238488592

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Comment by michael k on March 2, 2020 at 2:37pm
Hey graham? Nice pics! I’m curious you appear to have a few extra lines— one to the port bow, boat beam and starboard bow, are these your halyards? Also is your dophlin striker chain covered with pace pipe? Lastly, I love your bow roller, any possibility of some additional photos? I’m looking for mod ideas. Thanks!
Comment by Graham Jackson on March 9, 2020 at 3:49pm

Michael , I contacted Peter vis Gumtree. Here is his reply.

Hi graham-I actually saw his comments a couple of days ago ,looking at wharram builders since I am going to keep the boat apparently.He is pretty observant. I had a 20 m. length of spectra and made up a couple of forestays out to each bow,sewn and seized eyes since I found it was hard to splice.I have back to back pad eye plates instead of u bolts for the bridle anchorage point down the stems,seemed like a good idea at the time, and I brought strops up from the out board eye with normal wharram lashing above stem height. Bigger wharram e.g. tangaroa rigs show optional extra forestays along these lines,but I don't know what they make off the lower ends to.I haven't hung any sails off them yet.Its extra security for the mast mostly,we'll pretend there's no windage. I should name my boat "Agriculture".And yes I did put pvc pipe rollers on the bridle,anchor rode hits it. I don't always use an anchoring 2 point bridle. It's anchoring behaviour is not wonderful in the tidal channel on the western side of macleay island where I live.As you can see from the photo I have a good protected spot it can dry out in safety,tied off at all corners.Anchor roller is a work in progress still maybe,but seems to work ok.I bought 2 sheets of 19 mm pressure treated acq ply for the stems beam flanges and rudders and all the scraps went for lashing blocks,anchor roller cheeks, etc.The roller is a trailer roller.The acq ply is only structural grade but it will outlast any fancy marine ply being individually veneer treated prior to glue up. Available in 12mm and thicker in Brisbane.I used to build flat bottom workboats using it.Good stuff.


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