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I have seen a number of sails used instead of a jib for the t26 when conditions allow,what would you suggest would make a complete wardrobe considering i have a heavy cruising mainsail and jib already.

cheers paul.

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It all depends on what sort of sailing you plan to do and how versatile your existing sails are.  I got a new suit from Jeckells and know they set well, so the jib can be used well reefed.  I've also got three sets of reefing points in the main so that can be used in all but extreme conditions.  Nevertheless I did buy a trisail, although I hope never to have to use it.  A lot of people seem to go for a storm jib, but the problem with one of those is that you have to go forward to set it, at just the time you want to stay in the cockpit!

I fitted a halliard, plus blocks for sheets and guys, for a spinnaker or some sort of cruising chute, but suspect I'll never get one now I've sailed the boat.  She's very easily driven even in very little wind and I don't think I'd often bother to fly a chute, or a large genoa.  Maybe I'm just lazy about that sort of thing, and I'm sure if you like playing around with sails you could have a lot of fun.

The main is by far the most important sail on a boat like this, and if you've already got a decent one of those and a jib I'd suggest you wait until you've tried it before you spend loads of money on other sails.  I suspect everyone will have their own views on this topic!

Good question Paul, I'd like to hear some more opinions on this.

In the brief time I've been sailing Tiki's I've come to find the spinnaker (I have a symmetric) a very useful sail. It's really flexible the way it can be set from one bow to the other and anywhere in between, so I can use it on a beam reach (conditions permitting).

In light winds I've been disappointed with the lack of speed and I would like a monster genoa for these conditions that comes back to the rear beam, which is what I believe Rory McDougall uses on his Tiki 21 "Cookie". I plan to make one out of polytarp and gaffer tape - it's a light wind sail !!!

I picked up a used drifter, which is cut like the "monster genoa" Nick speaks about.  This sets from a block out in  front of the forestay, and all sheets are led outside the forestay/shrouds. It flies free: from the head and clew only. I rigged blocks from the bows to pull it port or starboard as needed.  Blocks at the sterns turn the dyneema sheets to Spinlock cleats on the aft beam. Made of very light material. If you see two whitecaps at the same time, down it comes! ;-)

Hi Paul, On Cookie I have main with 3 reefs, and a working jib that just overlaps the mast and also reefs down to about #4 jib size. I have a big drifter that hanks onto the forestay and I can sheet in tight enough to go to windward in the light stuff, but also like Kim, I regularly fly the sail off the windward bow when on a broad reach. This is a super sail set and really hauls Cookie along.

In the old days sailing to NZ I had a symmetrical spinnaker that I used in the light stuff, but I find the drifter far more versatile and has many uses. I also have a storm jib and trisail for when the shit gets blown off the fan.

The only sail I wish I had is a 120% genoa- a real deck sweeper that sheets to within inches of the sheet block for the 10-18 kt wind range that falls between my drifter and working jib. Hey ho - one day the dacron fairy may appear - but I guess that depends on what I've been drinking!!

Have fun mate, cheers Rory.

Why thank you fellas for your considered options,it is  great to have all this experience to mine.Rory,how are your plans going for the next adventure you have alluded to elsewhere?

Well, I am watching in envy as the Jester Sailors are getting ready to wing their way down to the Azores this year. However my kids need seperate bedrooms and so I promised that I would convert the loft to give them their space. So thats my project this summer, earning money to afford it and taking time to do it! Looks like I may have to put Cookie dreams on hold for a time while I concentrate on getting the kids through school etc for the next 5 years or so. But still - who am I to grumble with all the sea time I've racked up to date!!!!! Maybe one of the kids will accompany me on the next big voyage?? - Now that would be a good dream!

My motto is - get er afloat an go have some fun!

Cheers, Rory

I made myself a big old square sail out of a clear tarp.  Fun as hell in winds up to 15 knots!


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