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it makes me sad, that all the stuff we post in/on this forum is never read by people using this nice information platform... so many questions are repeated but it is all here.... we flip through all the pages, look at pictures and if a question is coming up in my mind, i just ask...

this is OK but many of us  take the time and work to write about there experience...

but did we look at it, did we resurge if the answer to our question is already here???

NO??? maybe not really???

i understand the james wharram design team, that they sometimes just ignore or delay answers on our questions.



it is easy er to fill up this web with a another Blog our group to ask a 100 times ask question.

it makes me sad...

i don't want YOU feel afferent about  me complain.

please keep writing and asking questions but PLEASE use this page as a data base.

I joined this group when we where only 24 members.. now it is 990 members... that good and you will find for sure the answer for you question here...

cheers hans

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Comment by wakataitea on September 28, 2012 at 9:39pm

please make your statement... how do you think about it...

cheers hans

Comment by paul anderson on September 29, 2012 at 12:08am

Hans,this site and others has been invaluable to me.Before I started building my cat,I had never picked up a skill saw or a planer.I had never used a jigsaw since high school.Scarfing two bits of plywood seemed highly technical to me. From reading your blog I think you are a cabinet maker nicht waar?You see mate,I have asked some dumb ass questions here on this forum but thank god some people had the grace and generosity of spirit to show me how.This is the internet for sure and sometimes the same questions can be asked a thousand ways with as many answers.The questions are not always the same.To me,if the person is willing to learn there is no dumb question.

enough said.

Comment by wakataitea on September 29, 2012 at 6:02am

hallo paul,

 there are no dumb questions. only dumb answers....

i not taking about people asking to many questions. i concern is that "maybe" some user don't study this web enough.

yes, i am a cabinet maker... and??? i am a sailor now and had to learn a lot about engines, engineering, electricity, sewing, cooking, reading weather, computers... you name it... like you, i did my homework ready in the internet and asking people around me...

that's totally ok. i guess we all do it...


Comment by paul anderson on September 29, 2012 at 11:30am

My point about cabinet making skills is that you would have been able to read plans as if second nature,it may be a lot harder for individuals who have no experience,but there does seem to be a filter by most regular posters to people who cannot be bothered doing their own research first.

cheers paul.

Comment by Omar M. Rashash on September 29, 2012 at 6:19pm

Hans, I'm not sure what your point is.

Lazy or stupid people don't build their own boats.  They are either self-motivated, or there is someone else involved in the process who motivates them, usually a spouse.  They are reasonably intelligent, since the process of building a boat is an exercise in practical problem solving.  It starts with trying to understand the plans, accumulating the materials, finding a building space, acquiring the necessary skills, and executing the build.  Along the way they learn to budget, perform project management, implement quality control, and make changes as required.  If they don't do these things, the boat never gets finished.

Just as most of the people here are not professional boat builders, they are also not necessarily skilled in information technology.  Some are doing well to find this site, log in, and frame coherent questions.  While their skills will improve with time, this, like most other things will take time.  Add to this the fact that for some, English is not a first language, or that some of us who do speak English, have a tendency to "writes the ways we speaks," and you may understand why some are confused.

I've taught people technical skills for over 30 years and I've learned that it is a mistake to confuse ignorance about a subject with a persons motivation or intelligence.

HTH, Omar

Comment by wakataitea on September 29, 2012 at 10:36pm

thanks for all the comment here but i have the feeling that we drift of my question

is must be the problem of translation,

i am german and english is not my first language. so i probably confuse people how i as my question...!!????

i am not questioning the motivation or the ability of my  boat building friends here.

my question is the ability to resurge informations...

i look at this page everyday and experience that subjects / question get repeated.

that my point.

cheers hans

Comment by Ernie wisner on December 1, 2012 at 3:38pm

one problem i see is that no one points to the information. I have gone through this thing and the questions i have asked have for the most part been unanswered. for the most part i dont think most folks actually spend much time here and so its sort of talking to oneself

Comment by Omar M. Rashash on May 30, 2013 at 1:36pm

I'm revisiting this thread because I'm in the process of completing my Hitia 17 build and going through my notes.  It occurs to me that every interest group on this forum, specific to a boat design, should have a single thread listing Errors and Omissions for a particular set of plans.  I'll start the one for the Hitia 17 and it will be called "Hitia 17, Errors, Omissions, and other Stuff."

Let me partially expand on this theme-

An Error is just that, usually a measurement that is just wrong.  It may be due to an English to metric conversion, a metric to English conversion, or just the wrong measurement.  The Hitia 17 plans give the wrong measurement for the width of the rear decks.  No knowing this will cost you time and one sheet of plywood.

An Omission is something that should be on the plans and isn't.  It may be a piece of hardware that is shown on the plan but isn't sized or listed in the materials list.  It may be a wooden component that isn't dimensioned.

This one will be a little more complicated to explain- There Be Dragons (TBD).  This could be an error, but there is no way to tell if your sample size is only a single boat.  On both my Hitia 17 hulls, I have the same two discrepancies on both hulls at bulkhead #2.  Without building another pair, I've got no way of knowing whether it's something I did, or an actual error in the bulkhead dimensions.  So the point is "I got a different result than I expected, you might want to pay extra attention here."

The last is Hints.  It could be as simple as "I must be an idiot, because I did what the plans said and it didn't work, so I ended up doing this instead."  Or it may fall into the category of "I know this is what the plans say to do, but I think it's a bad idea, so I did this instead."

This isn't going to make the boat you just built any better, but it will help the next person who builds from a copy of these plans.  Additionally, some of the lessons learned will translate into future, as in larger, projects.


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