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i can not get around to ask this question here. why do you chose to get a Wharram? sail one or build one...???

Do you agree with the Wharram philospy or do you give a shit about this and only want to have a "cheap" boat...

maybe, you found here in this wharram community (websace)a playground to spread out your dreams and ideas...

WHAT IS IT, WHAT WE WANT....from James wharram and his designs?

after posting this to-many-wharrams-rest-in-a-boatyard discussion.

i would like to know why we are here and discussing....

cheers Hans


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The simplicity. The lines. The boobs. Mostly the boobs.. :)

I like JWD's way of thinking and designing boats, and I plan to enjoy the building a lot. I will be building strictly to plans. I will obey plans because people at JWD have many more miles sailed in these designs than I do and certainly know better, and because I want the boat in the water as fast/inexpensibly as possible.

BUT, the boat will be mine and I'll do with her as I please. And as soon as I'm sailing and find stuff that goes against the way I want to sail her, then I will not hesitate and modify it. Of course after being absolutely certain of what I want and why.

I don't think it's smart to mess with the boat's design BEFORE extensive sea trials and a lot of thinking. Thinking by itself, without the benefit of experience will possibly lead to big mistakes.

Absolutely, the fillos, the pfil, the phyl,...the reason underlaying it all, getting back to a basic, effective, simplistic way of life.

It's more healthy, much more hands on and to my way of thinking more fulfilling. Exposed and somewhat rugged yes, but, what you get, is because of what you've done and there is much pride and satisfaction in that whole process.

Having spent the better part of the last 14 odd years living and teaching outdoor education I probably spent more time under tarps and tents and traveling with backpacks, canoes and kayaks than in a "civilised" house. So stepping up to a Wharram is damned luxurious, even the Tahiti Wayfarer I am about to begin building will have more space than I was used to.

Oh yes, and the boobies are quite nice as well;)


A catamaran for the regular Joe, not just the  filthy rich and the promise of boobs to come.

We built our Wharram because it is a reliable and safe boat that can also go fast and was easy to build (considering the Tiki 46 is 46 feet long) and we think it is beautiful.  We built to the plan because we know that at our age, eventually we will have to sell so a buyer will know it is a real Wharram and not something half Wharram.  Insurers like that.  We have sailed almost 50,000 in this boat and about 25,000 in a monohull.  So we have some idea of what it is like living and cruising on boats.  With five trans Atlantics between us (some in the Wharram and some in the monohull) we can compare catamaran with monohull and we prefer the catamaran.  We have seen lots of other catamarans and trimarans in our travels.  The Wharram is safest by far.  You can build it inland and take it apart and truck it to the sea.  Inland is cheap rent.  By the sea is expensive rent. 

Ann and Nev  on Peace IV

Are you looking at the Wharram logo upside down?

Josh said:

The simplicity. The lines. The boobs. Mostly the boobs.. :)

In April I flew from California to Italy to look at a Narai that I was seriously considering buying.  The design is just a work of art, and is just so beautiful.  It's a design that somehow just moves you.

I guess I have my Uncle to thank, he spent his life on the sea, Captain of his own ship. When I first started my boat building at the influential age of 16 he often used to call Wharrams "the Land Rovers of the Seas" he used to say "where ever it is you want to go, they won't get you there quick, but they'll get you there!"

When I started boat building as a profession I worked in many yards I was influenced by many beautiful boats but it was the owners that turned me off them, push button sailors with white polo necks and blue crested blazers.

When James Wharram asked me that same question I said it's because of the ethnicity of them, they remind me of a simpler time where sailing was more of an adventure and less of a vacation, for the Polynesians it was a way of life.  Though it is harder work the whole idea of self build, self sail and self maintain is what I was sold on. The more work I do myself the more confident I am in my own ship. That is why I started http://wharrambuilders.ning.com/forum/topics/calico-and-manila?xg_s...

Safety, deck space.....and the boobs, obviously!!!

Yes Gemini, the logo upside down, the design book images, and of course the lovely Ruth, Jutta and Hanneke... Marketing genius... :)

Geminidawn said:

Are you looking at the Wharram logo upside down?

Josh said:

The simplicity. The lines. The boobs. Mostly the boobs.. :)

On our trans Atlantic, Nev and I made love on deck most days when it was warm.  Try that on your monohull or on the usual catamaran with its slanted deck space.   Ann and Nev

smile... Ann and Nev made ...   i like this one...

we i started sailing on my mono, i saw the first wharram in Staint lucia carbic. i ask the guy what strange boat is this. he said.. it's a wharram... later on  i saw them.. emptying the bucket over board etc and so proud, that it is so simple...

i didn't like it. they all looked like burned down hippies, shitting in a bucket...20 000Nm later i am in a anchorage thinking about selling my boat and moving on land in NZ with isabelle. this night, a friend gave a party and showing me the design book from james wharram. three month later we where owner of 156 sheets of plywood and the building plans for a tiki46 in the pocket. 2 years and six month later we sail down whangarei Habour on our new home wakataitea. living since comfortable and sail fast , far and safe but still don't shit in a pucket.... wharram... i love it...

yes, they are Landrover's... that's the right way to describe them... Diving a fett 4X4 is anyway hip in those days...

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