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hello everybody, i have been thinking about a compromise between a full slatted deck for my tiki 26 and a trampoline,i love the idea of a timber deck on the boat but two things worry me as in the weight and the expense of suitable timber for a full deck here in oz,not only that but the cost of getting a trampoline made is eye watering,labor costs

being high in oz. a mate of mine has a pocket from a prawn trawlers net that he said i can have for buckshee,now my thinking is to have a central deck of about 1m between the mastbeam and fore beam slung under and lashed like boatsmiths and scotts but then somehow attaching the netting to either side of this bit of decking to the hulls.

any thoughts,ideas would be most welcome

cheers paul.

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Like this draw? This is my second option of bow and stern style.

The first option is a grill of timber 2"x1" with 1" space each in the bow and net with aftbeam in stern (1st option is more expensive) 

Post some photos, Cris, please



yes,that looks sweet.the anchor locker will have to have thick mat to withstand abuse and drainage as well.I would rather not drill holes in the deck particularly at the hull/deck joint for lashing .The center catwalk,locker will chafe hard on the forward skin of the second beam.The forward beam seemed to take it better. I finaly used  nylon net with solid fiberglass rods on 4 side woven though the netting . I lashed the the rods fore and aft using single point lashing to the beams .the port and strb. rods I lashed to the beam locating blocks . Its very strong and light. The main deck is a poly. web tramp again very strong and light.When I ditched the main deckbox and wooden foredeck I bet I lost at least 500lbs. of waterlogged plywood and soggy gear.I will post pics but at the moment the camera is under the boat.

In 2002 Nev and  I bought some black colored "sports netting" in the south of England and it looks brand new still even though we winter in Bahamas and summer in New Englnd.  It is important to inspect any fabric that is out in the sun and any lacing materials too because the UV will degrade it.  We have had to tighten our net lacings over the years as the net stretches and we have replaced or added to the lacings also.  You gotta keep the netting safe in case you fall into it.  Sure it is a romantic place to take a nap, but you don't want to fall through!  Webbing is more comfy on bare skin, but our netting was not expensive at all.  Hanneke liked ours so much, she got some from the same place and might remember where that was and how to contact them.


This is an interesting topic as there are so many options to go for!

My decisions on Cookie were always driven by cost and saving on overall weight - i chose to have netting trampoline from bow to stern. There have been quite a few times Cookie has been vitually underwater for a few seconds and I was always hugely thankful to have netting that drains in an instant. The 1st net was nylon trawler net. Lasted 15 years so can't complain except that the knots became like steel and left big dents in my arse after sitting for a while!! So I put mesh material over the net in the cockpit area to make seating a bit more comfy.

I am now looking to renew Cookies net after having had a knitted net(without knots) for the last 2 years. Its way more comfy than knotted net. The net I bought last time has the strands too thin - 3mm and has chafed and worn after only 2 years. I now plan to replace with same kind of net but thicker strands - 5mm. here is a link to a supplier here in UK - http://www.allplas.co.uk/acatalog/45mm_5mm_Knotless_Netting.html

Above is the original trawler net and pvc cover for more comfy cockpit seating.

Above is latest net which is great but not thick enough to be durable.

Good luck with the decisions Paul



Rory your pics always have that sense of ''the wild man of the sea'' going on,good onya mate.those dolphins are rather toothsome too,i am still playing with the idea of a 1m wide catwalk and then lashing the netting onto this and the beams,i am no ballerina,more like a cape buffalo with a long night at the pub behind him so the compromise has its advantages for me,i just cannot make up my mind yet.

cheers paul.

Hey Paul,

Totally understand about moving aboard. In the tropics with barefeet I found myself much more agile once used to the bouncy trampoline at sea. However sailing the north Atlantic last year I felt like a drunken astronaut staggering about in drysuit, boots etc. With all that garb on I had no feeling under my feet so got tangled in my lifeline tether all the time and tripped over!!!!

Getting older in years now I also had the idea of fitting a solid strongback in the center of the cockpit net area to give two benefits. One to create two smaller sections of net and a solid fixing point down the middle to keep the net higher out the water and second it would be a good central point to fit a small winch. I thought about leading all sheets and halyards through jammers and they could all be tweaked at leisure with the central winch. ...........blimey I must be getting soft in my maturity!!! Haven't done it yet tho!



Rory, you had me chuckling to myself about the winch!  Might make a good new subject for this forum - "Ideas for retrofitting your Wharram as you get long in the tooth".  That said, as I approach the third quarter of my life - don't make me say 50!, I've thought about the same so here is what I've gone and done.  I bought a small winch, the smallest I could find a #6 I think and stowed it onboard.  No mounting spot yet and no fasteners worth such a device but it's stowed in the bilge, winch handle not yet onboard ....just in case!  LMAO

Just had an idea looking at Rory's pics.  could you weave battens through some of the netting to give it more of a plank like feeling.  Sort of like what they do with cyclone or chainlink fencing for visual privacy?  FYI, one thing I've come to realize on Tsunamichaser is that some larger scuppers in the cockpit wouldn't hurt.  The engine well is a big hole but I need bigger ones off to the sides at the seatboxes for when there's a bit of a heel on.

Remember, we talk about 3 size boats in this topic. The Tiki 26 is higher 30 cm to tiki21. And Tiki 30 is 60 cm higher.

Bigger is dry...

a little more...

And the Tiki 46 sometimes needs those big scuppers too.  Shed the water quickly because it is heavy.  We had breaking waves over the pod at sea once.  Force 10.  Rory is a magic man to sail his Tiki 21 so well.  Hats off!

I too have been thinking about adding a similar setup to what Paul described.  My main reason is to have better anchor/rode storage and a firm platform for hauling up the anchor.  I pictured mine narrower, like 0.5m, and slatted on the top and bottom with spaces wide enough to drain well, but not so wide as to let my chain fall through.  I plan to put an anchor roller just aft of the forward beam, and hinge the top so that it opens.  I am not yet sure as to whether I would split the tramp in two, or just keep it one piece strung below the "catwalk."  One piece means less space for lines to fall through, and less time lacing during assembly.  It will have to wait till next summer, though, as the Hei Matau is packed up and we won't be able to make a winter trip this year.

Randal i have just finished mocking up the catwalk,like you have suggested i have gone for 0.5m width,your idea of a full tramp under instead of two seperate ones may be the way to go,more decisions. another reason for the deck would be a place to clean fish and so on.

cheers paul.

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