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Tiki (or Tane) capsize in Goodland, Florida during Irma

I have several fotos taken on my iphone 4s, but never figured out how to upload to the Internet(born 1941 - building 48' cat full time)

Anyway, I just found out today that there's an upside down approximately 28 ' Classic type Wharram, but with the hollow beams and lashings, only 200 yds from my front door. It is located at the East end of the Goodland Boatramp Park; apparently blown over from bow to stern(!!!) up and impaled on the dock walkway. The owner has (apparently) already contracted with a salvage company to extricate it. The hulls and beams are in good shape, just upside down.

What I find amazing is that it was apparently moored with the stern close to the dock, and the bow pointing straight out, perpendicular, away from the dock?! We cant figure out how it would otherwise landed in the position it did...

Which leads to the followup question: how could a Classic Wharram be lifted up out of the water, bow-over-stern? It has the usual bow net up to the first crossbeam, and the cockpit plywood platform goes from there back to the 3rd(or 4th beam), and then theres the stern net...

The cabins are of streamlined design, i c, they slope from 0 to 12 " height, bowtostern.

I will amend these data as I become better informed... Dennis

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p.s.. I have not yet met the owner - only know what I saw.  DS

Now I am sure it is a Tiki 26...ds

thats it! Thanks (I dont do Facebook) Sorry for Dee Clark-Smith. but it can be rebuilt easy...Just the cost of a salvage crane, etc. The (public) dock wasnt damaged much.

As far as I know,  we still dont know how it got airborn? Was it tied up stern-to the dock (unlikely), or anchored (unlikely in this small pocket bay across from the  (severly damaged marina)...?

They haven't responded to any questions, but it is possible for 100mph winds to lift up a multihull with a solid deck between the hulls and toss her. Hobie cats are notorious for this even in normal thunderstorm winds and have to be anchored into the ground as a result. There was a corsair f27 that was picked up and flipped in a 100mph microburst in the Keys a while back as well (3000 lb boat). That's the only cause I can really see for it being upside down and is why I have a slatted deck on my lighter 21 to dissuade any lifting action from underneath. 

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