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Tiki 38 aluminum masts use tabernacle & mast case same as wood mast?

When using aluminum masts on Tiki 38, is tabernacle and mast cast the same as when using wood masts?

Or are aluminum masts stepped with metal base for masts?

Actually would be for Narai MK IV with aluminum masts, Tiki style beams & lashings. But figured Tiki 38 has more examples of aluminum masts built.

Cheers, Allen

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Sorry you got no replies about this: I can only give you info about my Tiki 31 alloy masts.

There was no info on my  plans about alloy but I got some info off this site. I had a splined (fore and aft) baseplate made at the foot of the 127 dia. alloy mast tube to match a machined alloy baseplate which I fixed to a hardwood baseplate fixed to the beam(s). (2 masts)

There is a through pin aft which means the mast can pivot aft and you can adjust the angle a little with shims.

It works.

Tiki 38 being bigger or Narai may have different issues,  I'm not an engineer.

Bon courage..

Thanks Ian, not looking for dimensions or specifics, mostly wanting to see how Tiki 38 aluminum masts are mounted. Guessing don’t use same mast tabernacle base as wooden masts.

Cheers, Allen

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