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Hi - my front beam is shot - anyone have a spare grp or wood spare front beam....

also has anyone made one in aluminium?

best Johnny

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What happened ?  Isn't it repairable ?

Its a GRP beam and coming off a wave the top started to delaminate (not a full crack)  half wat between mast and inner lashing point (the area of max stress I believe).  On investigation its made with a ply stringer that runs along inner face of beam that is epoxied in - effectively making a box.  this ply is sodden.

So yes I could cut out ply and reglass - but I still end up with a 20 year old beam...it must be possible to use aluminium I beam to replace somehow!

It might be worth getting in touch with Steve Turner at http://www.multihullsurveys.com/  .  He ran Imagine Multihulls who built the GRP Tikis, and would know if the original mould for the beam still exists, or if there are any "spares" laying around.

I don't know what mine is like on the inside as there are no holes big enough to inspect it through.  I've not seen any deformation so it's probably ok, but I've toyed with the idea of making a new one in the next few years "just in case".  If you do build a new one I might be interested in having the damaged one off you!

I'm sure you're right that you could use an ally I beam, or even a tube.  On some other Wharrams people have built beams by laminating glass over a foam core, so there are any number of options...

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