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Hello All,

Can anyone comment on how waterproof the main hatch on the Tiki 21 is in a sea or in strong rain? As you can see in the photo, my hatches are one piece instead of the standard two-piece hatch. This is great when it is warm and calm, but when the wind comes up they become unsafe and have to be kept shut tight. I may change them to the standard design, but am curious if they leak at the join in the middle?




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Hi All,


My message probably wasn't very clear. The standard Tiki 21 hatches have a join in the middle where the hatch folds. It has a weather strip over the join. My question is how well does this design keep the water out? My current hatches are not to plan - they are one piece. This is not great for general sailing because you have to have them shut when the wind comes up - on the other hand they are very dry (no join to leak water).




Hatches are tough nuts to crack! There are many variations, from home-built to factory-produced, cheap to outrageously expensive. I rebuilt the cabin hatches on my tiki 26, all four of them. (Non-standard cabins) They were sliding hatches that kept out the rain, but if I used a hose and nozzle to wash the dirt off, there would be water dripping into the cabins!. So, when I rebuilt the hatches, I used the Griffith design:

I have come to this conclusion about sailing small boats (and perhaps large boats): keep the hatches and portlights closed while sailing! If the water surface is flat, with no swells, well, maybe deviate from this prescription a bit. My wife likes to stand in the forward hatch, so this conclusion is hateful to her! A process of training is underway. . .

I agree with Kim These Tikis go fast and throw up some water. If it is blowing you will get water in through an open hatch. We sail with the hatches closed most of the time. Your hatches look fine to me. If there isn't something about them that really bugs you I would not change them.

I have large hatches over the two forward bunks, which are twin sized.  I found a normal twin sized matress fitted right in and was very comfortable.  The first time out at sea the hatch was open and a little bit of wave doused the bunk.  It was soaked.  Salt water doesn't evaporate, it just soaks.  I put the matress out on deck and was going to throw it away in port, but before then it got rained on, dried,  rained on, dried, and ended up dry and smelling nice like laundry off the line.  I decided to but it back below and it was fine.  Then one day, a little bit of wave splashed on it.  I later switched to an inflatable matress.   You can sponge off the water and it will be dry, it's light. 

I've got to remember to close the hatches or else I've got to sponge off the bunk.

Thanks for the feedback all - much appreciated.


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