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I have Tanenui Sail number 151 plans, but I’m not seeing a lumber cut list.

Am I just not seeing it? Lol The study plans for the other boats have the lumber material list, but my study plan didn’t have it either.

I bought the plans from JWD last year, but can’t seem to find the lumber list. It must be in there somewhere & I’m just overlooking them, I would think. 

Any know where that’s listed or have the cut list? 

Cheers, Allen

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Hello- you should be able to "take off" the timber list yourself off the plans.

This activity will better familiarize yourself with the plans and give you an opportunity to consider the timber you are going to acquire for the project.

Often, when you have a timber cutting list, it bears no relation to the scantling sizes that are available from timber suppliers you have, so you have to modify them anyway.

I sold timber for a number of years. Every piece of wood is unique. You need to match up what you think you need with what is available.

I have my issues with Wharram plans, but it's easy enough to work out what you will need yourself.

You are on your own when you are building a boat for yourself. If you don't know that now you will find it out.

The successful completion of such a difficult project needs many skills ( which can be acquired) and strong character.

Bon courage as they say in France.

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