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Hi All,

New Tiki 21 owner here. I need a new mainsail and am having difficulty even getting a quote for a new one here in northern CA. Has anyone tried sailrite sails? Not so much about how to put them together - I have looked at the videos - but how well do they sail?

Many thanks,


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Unless you actually want to make your own, let me recommend the Rolly Tasker Sail Loft, Roger. Even though it's in Phuket, Thailand, my tiki 26 sails where shipped right to my (Southern California) door in a timely manner. And, the quality and price were very good.


They are quite familiar with the Wharram sails; just tell them you want a main for a Wharram tiki 21.


Rolly Tasker

Roger,i second Kims sentiments and had my sails made by roly tasker and am well pleased by the workmanship.
Many years ago I made a set of sails for my Hinemoa using the Sailrite manuals.  The main problem is finding a large clean flat area to layout the sailcloth.  After the panels are partially assembled (I used a tennis court) the sail can be rolled up and taken indoors for sewing.  This still will take a good size room, as the sail has to fit full length both sides of the sewing machine.  A couple of benefits is knowing how to repair any part of your sails, also knowing where to get the parts.  You can also adjust the sails if you want to change the shape.

I got my T30 sails from Lee Sails in Hongkong. I am pleased with the workmanship and the way they do business. They have experience with the Wharram Tiki sails and deliver to your doorstep worldwide. I ordered ocean going quality and all seams triple stiched. They have lots of leather work and other enforcements in the right spots etc. The price was the best I could find for the quality I had in mind.

For me building the boat is surely enough work, I really did not want to create more work and build my own sails.


Thank you everybody for the invaluable advice. I can see that sewing up the sail in our little lounge could be quite a challenge. I will get quotes from Tasker etc. One issue is the time zone for calling - I'll have to get up early!




I haven't made sails (yet) -- There is a Tiki46 named Kittyhawk and they blog about making their sails using Sailrite equipment and kits. Might be worth checking with them. Sorry, I don't have the url.

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