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  Hi all, well was a good week sailing in Greece,

Very late in the season and a bit chilly, but someones gotta do it.......

Finally I know what I want!


All d best


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Real, sent you a friend request so I can send a personal message. I am here with Vesko in New Mexico. Alex

You have a lot of love for details. I like the oak wedges. Will cut some asap.

Very intressting thoughts about the crab claw rig. The med really calls for the ability to reef.

I would consider some sort of junkrig for WHY NOT. 

Keep it up and fair winds

  Wooden wedges was the way to go in the pacific on proas, probably on cats too....

Love the junk rig,  James Brett from Aukland  uses junks on proas, they seem to work very well.


I have a different idea floating around my mind... If it works it should be better then the junk to windward, if it works.......

Will start building the model soon, then share it on the net... Stay tuned.

Thanx and all d best.



Rael, what a great boat! I am very impressed. I wish you all the best with it, nice sea and fair winds. Bravo!


Thanks Eric! He is fun but still not done......

I have decided to try and test a different rig that is easier to reef. Very important!

All the best, brother.


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