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My rudders will need some attention so I plan to take them off give a good sanding and closer inspection.  Reinforce with glass where needed. My question, this shape seems a  little larger, I'm thinking the top out of the water could be trimmed off. Is this correct? Any comment on the rudders in general are welcome.

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Hi Herb, IMHO you should consider offering two new rudders for your Tang.

I agree on the new rudders, but I'm not in a good place to build. Once I get back to Florida I'll be able to make some new ones. These rudders are straight wood and paint, not good! The best I could do quickly is wrap with light glass and hope for some water proofing. The bigger fish to fry is my mast project and the rigging attachment points on the hull. Going from ketch to sloop. If anyone could supply that info it would be a big help. I have plans for a cutter rig showing 1.5ft forward of center. Would the bermuda  go just aft of beam 2? I'm hoping to tripod the mast with a 7/8 forestay Once that is solved and bunch of small stuff, I can launch. Great now I've turned my rudder post into a mast placement post. 

It's impossible for anyone to asses the condition of your ruders by just looking at the pics. From what i can see is all fine. Why do you want to change them?  I think I remember the top, expose above the WL, should have a hole in the outer corner to thread a line in and steer, should the tillers broke off. What acheivevment do you get by trimming them?

Herb Moore said: These rudders are straight wood and paint, not good! 

Remember that Wharrams with their narrow hulls heel more so all that rudder may well be used at times. One drawback of shallow draught is shallow / small rudders. I would not reduce a rudder in size.

Sorry I took so long to reply. They are getting a good sanding  and epoxy/paint. Thanks for the info.

'Atta boy - if it ain't broke don't fix it.

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