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Being tied on a buoy in tropical waters, BDO needs a bottom cleaning once a week or every ten days.

Quick job. No worries. Then, time to go back on the little cat. And if it’s possible, it’s not easy, at least for me. 90 kg, 62 years old, not the strong type. I can imagine myself, with more clothes than a swimsuit, falling down and trying to come back on board. I don’t like the picture and I sail alone 90% of the time, hélas.

So the question to you, Tiki21 owners. What’s your plan? A rope with a loop doesn’t work well, for it goes under the V hull, and makes the climbing difficult. Any rope ladder the same. Swimming pool ladders are big, and not very convenient. I only think about tying myself with a harness, but it is may be too much. So? Any advice?

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I have the same problem with my T26. I installed a very simple ladder, and I am happy with the solution.

I think you can do the same. See the attached pictures.

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