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I'm up here in Michigan and have purchased Brian's Tangaroa. Plan on a 2 month refit and then sailing back to Florida via New York. If someone has a strong argument for the Mississippi route I'd love to hear it. Am I wrong about dodging barges all day long? I have always wanted a Wharram since I first stepped onto an Oro about 25 years ago,  that set the hook. I've been sailing since 1981, all of it coastal cruising. Puget Sound, Saco Bay in Maine, Miami and the Keys and then back up to the NW with an extended cruise up into British Columbia. Right now I'm waiting for a space to open up in the local boatyard, then Brian will help/show me how to put the pieces together. I am confident in my ability to make mistakes, but with everyone's helpful advice those will hopefully be  kept to the smaller end of the scale. 

Let the adventure begin!


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Good luck mate, I bet you are as happy as a pig in Palestine.

Congrats Herb!!! It is indeed the start of another great adventure. At the rendezvous this last weekend there were 3 Tangaroas .  Maybe with you and Bill Ludeman there will be 5 next year. 

Thanks, always like good luck.

Hey Dave wish I could have been there with a Tang. Next year will make it a priority. Thanks.

Hi Herb,  CONGRATULATIONS !!    Glad to hear you bought your boat.     I don't have an argument for the river but do have some comments.      I spent two decades playing on the Missouri which is rougher and faster than the Mississippi normally.    Downriver is a easy.   Requires constant attention but most inland water does.    It would save fuel and be faster.   The current is pretty consistent - Barge tows take a predictable line or course and you would not need to follow the same due to shallow draft.   You could run your outboard at half throttle for control and maintain excellent speed.  The marinas would be easy enough to access too. For fuel and ice etc.    I think it would be a huge amount of fun to come thru the Kentucky lakes and TennTom too.     Food for thought.    Welcome to the wonderful world of Tangaroa - I sure love mine.   Bill Ludeman

Thanks Bill. I will continue to self debate on which route. Either way will get me there so it's all gonna be good. The eastern route will be longer of course, but that is not necessarily a bad thing and I'm hoping for some good sailing on the lakes.

Congratulations! We built our Tiki 46 in northern Michigan (not far from Brian) and took her down the Illinois river, Mississippi, Ohio and then on down the Tenn-Tom and Tombigbee.  It took us a little over a month but we traveled almost every day. Barges were no problem, they were very responsive on the radio and would tell us which side to pass them on. There were plenty of marinas to stop at, and many places to anchor.  Almost without exception the marinas provided courtesy cars so we could go out to eat, see the sights, or make a trip to the grocery store. We had a boost from the current, but the only time it was really noticeable was through St Louis when we were rushing along at 10 knots. It was fun, though, not scary. Scenery was beautiful and for the most part we were all alone on the rivers. Of course, it was November so we were freezing! We'd do it again, tho, in the summer/fall.  The Erie canal sounds intriguing, but it costs money and is longer if your goal is the Keys.  The Mississippi/Tombigbee route is unique and more of a nature lovers route, while the Erie and East Coast is more "citified" and frequented by cruisers.

We had our masts put up in Mobile and then continued on the ICW to Apalachicola where we headed offshore for Clearwater, FL. It's possible to travel every day, either on the outside or the ICW, depending on weather. Hope this helps!


Thanks Sue,

It does help thanks for the input. Good info.

Hi Herb,
Which route did you choose? I'm interested to know how it went.

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