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hi - I have a small meissner winch on a tiki 26 and I am trying to service it.  I could hardly turn the winch - dont know what happend - it hadnt been used for a while - maybe bashed?

Anyhow I took the round circlip off the top which enabled me to get the drum off but how do I get the next bit apart - picture should be attached.  

Do I need to unscrew winch from wooden base plate?  They are well seized!

thank you - johnny

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Hi Johnny,

It's unlikely to have been damaged by a knock.  If it's not been turned for a long time almost certainly it's jammed because it's got something like salt crystals in it.  I don't know this make, but I'd be inclined to clean all the grease off, then give it a good soak in warm water before trying to free it.  I'd be surprised if there was a fixing hidden under the base as most winches can be serviced without removing them from the boat.

Be very careful you don't lose any of the little bits, especially the springs, and dismantle the winches one at a time so you can use the second as a pattern if you forget how the first goes back together.

I once dismantled a Gibb 16STA sheet winch while alongside the harbour wall in Madiera, and carelessly managed to lose a small plastic shim overboard.  Luckily a good friend on a nearby boat had scuba gear, and he went down and got it back, otherwise I would have been really stuck!


thanks robert - followed your advice and yes it running much freeer - and lubed up with dry lube - I am going to leave further investigation.. I have seen some winches on youtube with an internal circlip that you access from below - still alls well - thanks again - johnny - one step closer to water...

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