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Is there any reason not to mount main and gaff halyard cleats on the mast - my mast  is aluminium and I was going to use self tapers.

thank you johnny

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On smaller boats pop rivets are frequently used. On larger masts machine screws are more common.

Thank you!

If you use RVS it may corode your mast badly. There are special aloy rivets that minimize corosion. You might also use some anti corrosion paste.
I wander how thick a mast must be for a screw to be strong enough. I would use pop rivets.

Hi Johnny,

If the wall of your mast is as thick as mine it would probably take screws ok, but rivets might be better.  If the mast is down you might be able to reach in from the bottom and put nuts inside, in which case you can use machine screws.

Bart is right about using anti-corrosive paste.  Stainless steel and most other metals will cause aluminium to corrode.  Duralac is the stuff that was recommended to me, but the smallest tube is about £15 by the time you've paid delivery, and it contains enough to last the likes of you or me at least one lifetime.  I've just bought one so I'll put a bit in a little jar and post it to you.  Just pop a couple of quid in the lifeboat collection tin next time you see one.

My beam tubes arrived a couple of days ago.  I'll upload some pics and stuff soon.  The back's now fine thanks!

All the best.


thank you!  xmas has come early for you! and glad back is better -

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