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Finally launched my tiki 38 in early June. In the end had to DIY that part too which I suppose is appropriate. Launching a 20+ foot wide, 38 foot long multihull like a dinghy off a trailer was scary but it is probably the only thing in the entire build that went exactly to plan. Pulled her out of the yard, backed into the water and she floated off. Done. I went so far as to build a wheeled dolly to give me an extra 10 feet on the trailer in case my calculations weren't correct and I needed to back her in further. Didn't need it 

Anyway, floating but not sailing yet with one problem being the difficulty getting insurance. All I want is Liability or 3rd party as (a) it's a requirement for all the marinas in these parts and (b) I have read that it's also a hard requirement for many countries. I was hoping to stay in a marina for a month or two while I did my shake-down sailing and fixed all the little things that I'm sure will come up. The more important part is not being restricted in where I can go. I gather the EU is particularly strict and I probably don't have enough money to be able to buy my way in, where things are, shall we say, more "flexible'...

I thought I had this taken care of as my home insurance said it would be no problem. Until I actually applied for the policy that is. Homemade boats are excluded and that seems to be the case across the board. I've tried most if not all of the big general insurance companies and they've all refused a homemade boat. 

If anyone has any tips or leads. please share, either successfully cruising without it or having obtained it for a homemade boat. And if anyone needs a trailer suitable for hauling or launching a bigger multihull, PM me and I'll send the details.It's in South Texas near Corpus Christi. I've posted an ad in the classifieds here.


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