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Well almost free, I'd appreciate a small contribution to the RNLI for whatever you think is reasonable.  You never know when you might need a lifeboat...

Now that I've finished my new cockpit and crossbeams it's time to get the old ones out of the way.  The boat is an Imagine Multihulls GRP Tiki 26.  I've replaced the old components because I wanted to add various features to the boat for serious cruising, and needed to save weight somewhere to compensate.  I've built new crossbeams from engineered carbon fibre tubes, which are so light I can lift them above my head with ease.  The new cockpit is made from a carbon / kevlar / glass epoxy foam sandwich construction, is also extremely light and incorporates a cold locker, fuel locker and various other things.

The original cockpit I'm letting go is made of GRP.  When I first got the boat I added a pair of battery lockers at the front, rebuilt the motor mount, and refinished the whole cockpit.  The paint is white two-pack polyurethane, with the floor overpainted with cream Interdeck high grip paint.  The winches, which are working fine, are going with it because I've fitted new smaller ones in the new cockpit.

The pair of crossbeams are standard Imagine Multihulls GRP construction with a plywood web across the side that faces the cockpit.  I also refinished these with the same high quality paints as the cockpit.

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Hi Robert,

Just wondering if the cockpit and beams are still available?



Hi Joel, yes they are.




Thanks for the reply - do you know if these would fit on a conventional ply/epoxy Tiki 26?

All the best

I'm afraid I don't.  They lash down with cord so that part should be simple enough.  I suspect the way they taper towards the ends is unlikely to be exactly the same, so the locating blocks would probably need to be altered.

Essentially these have a flat bottom with a hardwood block about 3" square and 3/4" thick under each lashing point.  Those blocks locate into L shaped hardwood pads on the deck which support the beams.  You would have to make those to blocks fit.  The blocks on the beams are just screwed and epoxied to the bottom so you could cut them off and fit new ones in different places if you needed to.

The cockpit hangs from the beams so it doesn't know what sort of hulls it's attached to...  There's a gap between the cockpit and hulls where plywood seats are lashed on top (I don't have them)

I'm near Portsmouth and if you ever get over this way you're welcome to pop in and have a look.



Thanks for the detailed reply Rob, appreciate it.

I'll do a bit more research and see if they might be made to fit and get back to you soon.

All the best,


Ok, that's fine.

If it's any help, I'm happy to let the cockpit or either of the beams go separately.  All I wouldn't do is let someone just take the hardware (winches etc).



Definitely interested in the whole lot, will check with JWD to see if it will fit a standard T26.

Thanks for your patience.

No problem, it's a bit of a "niche market" so nobody else is after them at this moment...

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