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This has been discussed on several other forums. We are interested in electric propulsion for our Tiki 46 and have been in touch with several builders who have installed e-pods, etc. However, does anyone currently using electric motors for propulsion have a report on the practicality of the current products?
There's been alot of discussion regarding the weight of the batteries as a limiting factor, the best (and worst) power regeneration methods, the best (and worst) products currently available.
I don't want to summarize it all here, but I would like to open the discussion and see if there is any further interest within this really knowledgeable community in brainstorming how this might (or might not) be worthwhile (and cost-efficient). I'd be interested in any aspect of electric propulsion anyone might want to discuss, from recharging batteries to the best placement of electric motors and the pros and cons of the overall concept. I received an email from some builders who are using e-pods with their Pahi 63 and say they are really pleased with it. Ther

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Cynthia and Jean-Paul / APATIKI

You've had a year with your electrical drive installation. What do you think of it now? anything you would have changed?
i have a torquedo 2.0 with 4 lead acid batteries that i am using for my 26 foot umiak (light weight skin on frame boat). I use 4 marine, deep cycle, lead acid batteries (due to much lower expense) which are very heavy at nearly 600 pounds. These provide 480 amo hours. The torq is great at moving my very light weight boat. WIll post some video in a couple of weeks. Using the umiak as a test bed for crab claw sail now. The batteries effectively doubled the weight of the boat. I had modified the umiak with ama's to make it into a trimaran, both to get used to multihull sailing, as well as for stability in video work on water, and to get the boat licensed here in WA state, usofa. The torquedo is very effective. Great design. THeir plastic prop is ok, but has suffered some edge chips as it is somewhat fragile. This is an older torq, about 3 years, so maybe the props have been improved. Will look into that. I can get nearly 22 hours of continuous, 40% rate out of the motor, and at maximum thrust am probably moving nearly 8knts. I have a gps now, and will track the various speeds to voltage draw on next outing. But in general, very quality devices.

There are also small, highly efficient diesels that i intended to get and deck mount on what ever wharram i end up with (still looking to buy). These diesels are military grade and intended to only provide source for diesel electrics. THey are marine ready, and hardy to extreme cold weather. ALso known as micro-diesels as they are so small. The one i saw demonstrated would fit into the case of a desktop computer. So my solution is a diesel electric multiple motor approach....once i get the cat. In that system i would go with some minimal battery storage, but would really rely on the diesel for the electric source.

Hi all!
I am new on this forum, and one of my interests is in electric propulsion, so when I am ready to build my Wharram I would love to power it with electric.
I am planning to build a Tiki 38 in a few years. We would mainly be sailing and thinking of two electric outboard engines with a diesel genset as backup.
I'm wondering if there is anything has changed since the last message here?

Lots has changed. Lithium batteries and  many more motor options being huge. Also there are used motors and batteries from Teslas and  Leafs available pretty cheaply.

We are currently building a 51' Wharram kinda cat. It will weigh in at 30,000 lbs with a 26' beam. Airconditioning, reefer/freezer , electric winches ,electric appliances. 

We are using 4 stacks of 7 Tesla model s 5.6 kw batteries. Nominal voltage of 158volts. We are using Orion BMS's and  Service Control Modules . We have Max prop24" 3 blade feathering propellers.The motors are Netgain Hyper  9HVs with a belt drive reduction through a jack shaft and thrust bearing. WE have assmebled a test cart to proof all of this before we install it all in the hulls. We have 2 Beta Marine 38hp diesels that are belted to two mor netgain motors to serve as 158v dc generators and a big 24volt alternator for the house banks. We have been researching electric drives for 2 years. We started buying components in March and now have the components set up on the test cart . We have every thing now wired up and charging and spinning the motor. It is not real easy. The people (Electric GT) who sold us the motors were of no assistance and told me to go away. We chargers and BMS's and batteries from Stealth EV . They also declined to help us make things work. Ewert Energy, who makes the Orion BMS's also will not help us. They say that is the dealers issue.We have had very good service from the Netgain Motors. We also have just puchased some more chargers , dc/dc converters and a SCM from Adam at Hawkeye Innovations LLC. He has been abig help so far and has a system set up just for the parts we have. " target="_blank"><iframe width="475" height="267" src="https...

I am buildiing a tiki 38 and I want to use ePropulsion engines. More specific the pod drive 6.0evo. These also because the regenaration possibility off 1 kW at 10 knots. Less with lower speed offcourse. I hope with this and solar to be selfsuficient. For me no fuels on board. 


out of curiosity -

why not use the evo outboard version that offers the same functionality?

Jozef De Roos said:

I am buildiing a tiki 38 and I want to use ePropulsion engines. More specific the pod drive 6.0evo. These also because the regenaration possibility off 1 kW at 10 knots. Less with lower speed offcourse. I hope with this and solar to be selfsuficient. For me no fuels on board. 

what could be the advantage to do that? the motor is the same and like you say, it has the same functionality. and it weighs more. I don't see it. 

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