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I'd like to understand how a double mainsheet works, and if there is any benef over a traveller as designed on the Tiki 21 design.

Reason is that my traveller always jam, doesn't work smoothly,. May be tension of the rope...

If someone can explain to me,

With thanks.

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Reuben Filsell said:

This is the mainsheet from a Buccaneer 24' Trimaran,


Read the text, you will find one end of the sheet controls travel the other leech tension. should work a treat, but requires a boom, maybe, I haven't considered that.


Thank you Reuben,

I think it is also possible like this, with two sheets and double blocks, but with the width of the Tiki and the engine in the middle, I can't figure how to put the cleats for an easy control.

What is wrong with Jam cleats as per the original drawing ?

That is what a conventional mainsheet uses.

Well, I did it.

Try it this week-end and very pleased with it. It's, on my opinion, far better than the traveler. Of course, you need two double blocks and a one more sheet. I found two spinlocks that are perfect. 

My next project will be to put a beam at the back of the cat, and try to install a wind vane. I found a nice design on an  Italian website, and will try to find the time to built it. 


Thank you for your help.



The double main sheet, works, but just "OK"  since on some points of sailing, the sail turns to a bag, since there is no boom on a Tiki 21 mainsail.

Those of you who have tried this system have found a way to flatten the main?

With thanks,


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