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Does anybody know about a two wheels beach trolley for a tiki21?

I was thinking to support the skeg on a plate, welded on the axle of the wheels and provide ties to keep it in balance longitudinally. The transverse balance is maintained by a second person while the other raises the hull and pushes the bow. This works with one hull at a time just to get to the sea shore and to assemble the tiki.  I remember I saw a drawing of this arrangement once but I don't know the details.

Thanks for your help and happy Christmas!


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Hi Rob may I have a picture of your trolley?



Robert Hughes said:

Hi Sean, I made the angles slightly adjustable.  This really helps when you're assembling on uneven ground.  Also I open them a bit wider when launching or recovering so nothing gets stressed...

Hi Stephano & Sean, you'll find some pics of my trolleys earlier in this discussion string.  I've just checked the dimensions.  They're actually made out of 25mm plywood (not 19 as I thought).  The bases are 750 mm wide by 1220mm long, and they are screwed and glued to 50mm x 100mm wood framing.  There are two extra cross pieces underneath, as well as the end pieces you can see.  The framing is well bolted together.  I chose the dimensions of the bases so they would just fit in the back of my car after I removed the wheels.  Each trolley has an eyebolt in each end.

The "triangular" supports have 50mm flats cut off two corners.  The bottom edge is 370 mm, the vertical 600mm, and the sloping side about 630.  They're fixed to the bases with a pair of M10 bolts which are fixed in the bases so they don't turn, large penny washers and nuts on the outside.  The outer bolt is in a curved slot in the support, so you can adjust the angle.  I have them down when the crossbeams are on, so the trolleys can wobble a bit to take up roughness in the ground.  When the hulls are separate obviously the supports are in the up position.  The padding is foam pipe insulation fixed on with cable ties through small holes drilled near the edges of the supports.

My wheels came from a trailer maker, and are meant for launching trolleys.  They're a bit marginal for weight capacity and I would recommend using stronger ones.  I have to remove the motors and engines and all the gear from Zest before I haul her out, to minimise the weight.

I found a problem the first time we launched.  The trolleys floated so well that they were really difficult to pull out from under the hulls.  Next time I used them I drilled holes to let the air escape from the trolley decks and loaded 36kg of lead onto each one!  Even then they still floated, but only with the supports above the water, which worked fine.

Incidentally, Zest is a fibreglass T26 and the dimensions may be slightly different to the wood version.

Do let me know if anyone needs any more info.



Stefano Silvestri said:

Hi Rob may I have a picture of your trolley?



Robert Hughes said:

Hi Sean, I made the angles slightly adjustable.  This really helps when you're assembling on uneven ground.  Also I open them a bit wider when launching or recovering so nothing gets stressed...

Hi for my Hitia 17, I made a very simple Trolly out of an aluminium ladder that was a bit longer the the Hitia is wide. I attached two wheels so the ladder can roll with in non longitudal mode. The boat just sits on some waterhose fitted to the ladder. As the wheels are very near to the point where the hulls sit on the ladder (about 10cm) there is nearly no bending on the ladder. sketch : ==I===========I== where the I signifies the wheels  and = is the ladder.

 When positioning the trolley at about the weight center of the boat she is very easily balanced while being pushed around, holding her at the bows or sterns or on the front beam or forestay. First I thought I would need to attach the boat with some ropes so the trolley would not slip away but we later found that the rubber of the hose was sufficient. Funnily this trailer was from the beginning nicely floating just a little bit so we could float iteasily under the hulls and from the hulls when launching at the ramp here at the Chiemsee in Bavaria.

 This might be one of the cheapest Trolleys ever...

Enjoy Matthias

Check this article from PCA Sea people May 85. Details of a 2 wheel trolley for a Tiki21.

Hope that's useful,


Definitely two wheels which allow to turn left or right once the hull is on the ground. I made two trolleys I haven't the photo yet but I will post it soon. Anyhow you can see one of my trolleys for a little while in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N96sE5wb1O8

They work, maybe a strap can help, it depends on the distance from the road trolley to the water and the nature of the ground, if it's smooth and flat the v shape of the two side brackets find their position automatically, being the hull not parallel...

Thanks very much, the straps are however a good improvement. They also can help to rescue the trolleys once the cat is floating, the trolleys float too



My beach trolley

I recently swapped one of my two Hitia 17's for an elderly Hinemoa.

The Hinemoa is currently afloat on the Burrum River in Queensland.

To bring the catamaran home for much needed restoration I resolved to build a trailer.

I spotted a good practical trailer setup online , and was able to track down its owner , Tim Frein , who sails his Hinemoa in Morro Bay , California . I was even able to see Tim's Wharram on Google Earth !

Tim very kindly sent me some images of his trolleys , plus his original rough sketches .

My trailer project is nearing completion , just some wiring and brakes to do.

In the meantime here are some pictures showing progress so far.

Note that I do not intend immersing my trolleys in salt water . The beach dolly unit will do the wet bits , each hull to be transferred to a trolley.

The trailer deck is 17mm plywood . Two ramps each 2 metres long will be used . Note the twin hand winches towards the trailer front.

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