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My plans for launching my T38 on the Arkansas river and heading to the Gulf are seriously in doubt now that travel is so restricted in and around the Caribbean. And sadly, I expect it to get worse rather than better. My thoughts are drifting to the west and a possible launch in California at the end of this year. 

Does anyone know a place suitable for the assembly and launching of a T38? Preferably no further north than the Bay area. I really don't know how long it will be on the hard putting it all together but I'd guess 3-4 weeks to be safe.  Will then need a travel lift or some other way of moving the boat to the water and a  temporary berth. The berth need not be at exactly the same spot but that would be ideal. 


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I don’t know of any spots but Mike with this YouTube channel might be able to help. He started his build in California and moved it to Florida.


Thanks Alex. I'll see if I can track him down.

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