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Am considering having Andys company build me a tiki 30
Any one out there used Andy or have any comments??
Would be greatly appreciated before flying there
Thanx heaps

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Big warning, I had lots of trouble and problems, all the other customers I spoketo had similar issues. Contact me directly for details.
Hi Robert, I can't offer a comment on Andy Smith but suggest you talk to Gunther Nutt at Seascape in Phuket. He was a licensed Wharram builder, no longer, but has built many Wharram's. I have a Tiki 30 build by Gunther and the build quality is fabulous. There are a few photos of my boat on my page. Good luck with the project.
Wow thanx Nigel
Have a fiend who use to crew for me who lives in Phuket worked for latitude yachts for awhile
There was a guy building wharram there at one time don't remember his name but reputation was shithouse and that's being diplomatic
Will try to find your page now and thanx again there were a few tiki 30's in Europe but I'm in 0Z

I can also recommend Gunther. He built my Tiki 30 Nok Talay around 2001, the first that went on to be many 30's ( and i believe each one got better as he adapted to suggestions from the owners, and when James Wharram visited he said it was "the sweetest most beautiful 30 he'd seen and loved the mods that Gunther did for the tropics. I had Nok Talay for around 10 years and never had any issues with quality. 

Gunther is a character but calls it how it is and he delivered exactly what he said for me, actually better than promised and in budget. 

I also understand that he is no longer an approved wharram builder because he was very limited in what he could change / improve  from the plans regarding the owners wishes due to his agreement with wharram. This parting of the ways was driven from his side and not from issues regarding quality etc. He just want to build great boats with no restrictions. 

Are you sure your phuket friend wasn't talking about a guy in Pattaya who's building Wharrams? Raul Bennetti i think his name was. He was a crook and a charlatan and built pieces of sh*t. One tiki 38 broke up on its mooring and was washed ashore in bits and another was taken away back to NZ by the owner who spent thousands and thousands fixing sub standard work. I believe Raul may be in jail here in thailand for fraud etc. I know he was arrested a few years ago. Have a look on google as its easily found as one owner blogged extensively about his experiences.

Good luck 


I'd agree with the positive comments about Gunther.  Back in 2008 I crewed on the delivery trip of one of the Pahi 52's he built.  I was on board for about five weeks and we sailed over 5000 miles.  It was a solid, well finished boat. I'd go to Gunther if I wanted a Wharram built.

Marty your spot on that's the guy Raul
How do I get in touch with Gunther or better yet do you know of a tiki 30 with pod for sale please or anyone else reading this thread
Thanx heaps

All contact details there.

Thanx heaps will get on to it

Check this video clip on this site: http://wharrambuilders.ning.com/video/busker-and-wavedancer-sailing...

Both boats are built by Gunther Nutt Seascape ltd. in Phuket 

There are some fotos from my boat on this forum as well.

Seen both videos thanx heaps though
I did not mention it before but in in h9dsicght I woulfd have rather worjked with Gunther before instead JBW.

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