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I know we are all converts and biased to the virtues of catamarans over mono-marans, but was sifting thru some photos and couldn't resist sharing this one!! Once again it shows the versatile abilities of owning a small cat - especially when you have a bigger friend willing to help out!! After 20 years now, I have never had to pay a single penny or cent for haulout to maintain Cookie. Gotta love that eh? These shots show Cookie in Belize getting a lift, one hull at a time for me to re-antifoul outside the front of our house. Lift supplied by friends leopard 38 cat. Bridle from halyard tied around outboard ends of Cookies beams.

Anyone else have some great quirks they've been up to with their Wh...

Cheers, Rory

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Hi Adriano, Rory and friends,

On Polinesio (Tiki 21') we use a flexible PVC deck tent, same way that is designed in the building plans, just 1,50 m hight from the platform floor. It works very nice at harbour, with no wind and no rain come inside. And we live aboard full time since november 2000. My wife can cook at cofortable mode, stand up on the floor of the hull, and the galley top is on the platform, just beside the hatch.

Here, inside of Parati bay with friendly winds, we sail with reefed main on the mast top and the tent up, like a bridgedeck catamaran. But to go to open sea, we drop down the tent easily unlashing three ropes.






(a) shallow draft

(2) sits upright when tide goes out

(iii) room to spread out

(IV) two separate cabins so there is a place to have privacy


?what did I miss?

Cool photo. I would have been good to find out where the balance point was !

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