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At 6:07am on January 31, 2009, Ralf said…
Paul, Thank you for the story. Loved reading it. The most important part for me was that you had no concerns about your boat (if she would be up to the challenge) once the weather got rough. Must feel good to know you have the right boat.
At 6:01pm on February 1, 2009, Tom said…
That was a very fun read, Paul! I'm glad that you published this story here. I'm even more glad that you all had a good passage and are happy with your boat.

I hope I will hear some singing too. Sounds enchanting!
At 4:18pm on February 2, 2009, Patrick said…
Hi Paul,

You must have met Phil, a great guy. He sent me an email recently saying he is planning to build a catamaran. He didn't mention which one. Buy the way, I read your story yesterday - I LOVED IT. When I sailed Pumpkin over from Klang to Langkawi we (two of us) encountered a lot of small fishing boats all over the place during the night. I felt this was exhausting. Then I read your story about the canal du four. I sailed there once ages ago and still remember the current and the rocks all around. And you did that by night???? Good heavens! Keep us posted on how you and your boat are doing. All the best and good luck!!!
At 2:02am on February 9, 2009, sarah said…
Hi Paul,
yes, I must admit I love living here. My husband is greek and I have lived here for 10 years, not on the boat, although that is a dream for future years!! My kids are 8 and 4 and have been bought up with boats and the sea (although not catamarans, this is a new venture for us). I have never visited Turkey so I can't comment on the harbours there but the port police on the Dodecannese islands were told to ease up on charges etc to try and encorage more sailors. Our island, Lipsi is tiny, population about 600 and there is only 1 other sailing boat moored here permenantly, plenty of fishing boats though!!
I loved your story, what a great adventure!!! keep us posted!
At 1:41am on February 10, 2009, sarah said…
Hi Paul,
They are generaly a freindly bunch here. A rain storm? did you come in the winter? if so very brave, we can have some nasty winds!
My boat is still a bit of a mess, we are hopeing to pull it out of the water in the next few weeks and probably have a few more shocks to come, the previous owner was a bit of a power junky, we found over 20 car battries a few truck battries and for generating energy; a home made windmill, a bike which was made to generate energy, a home made solar thing, 2 petrol generators and to answer your question... 4 ob engines and I think an electric one underneath!... who needs sails eh? Luckily the boat itself is in pretty good shape, we havent found any rot as yet! only the mast will probably need replacing as there is a bend in it, not bad for 800 euro eh?
At 1:39am on February 11, 2009, sarah said…
yes, do get in touch if you get up this way. I love the idea of reserching crusader castles, how exiting! We have the remains of a castle here on Lipsi, well you can see where the walls were anyway!! Of course there is a castle on Leros too.
At 3:09am on February 26, 2009, jean-michel said…
Hi Paul, if you were in Marans, then it must be Claude Borde and his Leonardo Tiki 28 that you saw. Both my Tigaki and leonardo sailed in northern brittany de conserve>> around the Batz island and to Brignogan. There is another Tiki 28 Mirage belonging to Mike in Cornwall. Sadly the fourth burnt in Jersey a number of years ago.. The boat is the only Wharram that departs from the Wharram idea of classic designs. It does not have beams but a built in central pod and cockpit in one piece, bolted to the hulls.
The smallest of the big or the biggest of the small Whjarrams you might say.
Tigaki is sitting in the Moulin Blanc marina in Brest sound, and sails to Molene, Sein islands, The Aber Wrach and Aber Benoit, the raz de sein and the glenans islands.
Near Leonardo, I think in the same place, our friend Robert is refurbishing his blue Tangaroa. If you come to meet him, say hello from Jean-Michel
NB I am still trying to understand how to put photos on this site!
At 7:21am on February 26, 2009, jean-michel said…
Paul, as a matter of fact I thought that may be YOU would help me connect with Robert and Martine
I will try with Bertrand Fercot in Brest and Claude Borde
Where is your boat?
At 4:35pm on January 17, 2011, Jose Alberto Garibaldi said…


Good to hear from you. I might in fact be going sometime in the next two weeks -will drop you a line when I do. Had thought the same, and as I am still fitting my boat, thought it would be good to exchange views on both the fitting and the sailing. Am changing decks and starting improving the cains Will need to refit the electrics 'lots of stuff! Your lines were an inspiration when deciding to buy. The tiki is fast -and I enjoy it a lot -has been perfect for what I had envisioned. I am now making plans for the sailing season, and might either go west first, and then east. Could stop on the way back.  In the meanwhile, we should at least chat if going through. Email is josealbertogaribaldi@yahoo.com -should exchange coordinate sometime. 

Thank you for your comment, and best regards, 




At 8:17am on February 15, 2011, Rory McDougall said…

Hi Paul,


Did you sell your Tiki 31 yet? Don't see her on the Exe at the mo. If you are ever doing a sail on her I would love to for a ride if that's OK. Would like to experience the way Tiki 31 sails.




At 11:23am on February 15, 2011, Rory McDougall said…

Hi Paul,

Happy to advise on anything Tiki 21!! If I hear of anyone looking to pick up a Tiki 31 should I head them your way??

Are you unhappy with the gaff wing mainsails?? or just want to get a bit more ethnic??

I'm slowly getting the hang of this Wharram site now..........this weather helps!!



At 2:56pm on January 30, 2013, Richard Gordon David said…

Hi Paul, I'm Nibby David just bought the tanenui/tiki and love the look of the Tiki 31hybrid advertised with yours at Scott Brown's brokerage. I have a mooring at Starcross and belong to SFCC Iv'e had a Halcyon 23 on the Exe for two seasons both terrible weather wise. I did have a look at your boat and love the look of the T31 but I knew my wife would think it too big for us and figured she wouldn't be keen on the accommodation spread about four cabins. Loved this story which I read via looking at the guy that owns Scat the red T26 made me a friend and Iv'e viewed his wall of friends. Bringing my boat around from Faversham Kent, to the Exe during April and particularly liked your analogy on buying a wharram cat, mine is even more so as being a modified hybrid people have been adding their opinion on the modifications. Personally, I think the mods all add a bit of civility to what can be a utilitarian boat, essential to bringing some appeal to my wife. The companionway bulges give standing headroom, the deck with footwell means normal sitting for a couple the wrong side of middle age, the spray deflector forward of the mast should make things a bit drier, the aft cokpit with seat all controls and instrument close to hand not to mention a partial cuddy will give more protection from the nast weather we've had lately. Most commented on mod is the before mast sunken locker, most think it will slam but I'm assured it doesn't as it's no lower than the deck and is at least 24" above waterlines. Cheers Nibby David 

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