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with its new mast, we tried my cat twice, and, if it sails better than expected, I have a few questions.

I rig the boat with pre streched dyneema. However, everytime after sailing I need to retension shrouds and forestay. I still have some space, but soon no more, and wil have to shorten shrouds and forestay themselves. So, when pre streched dyneema stops to strech?

Second question is about the jib sheet. Where do you cleat them, and how?

Thwnk you,


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Eric, I have the same experience on my Mana, only I have run out of space on my stays for the main mast. I will have to cut and re-splice before starting this season. I do  hope that the stretching will end soon.

About your second question....I think it depends on if your jib overlaps the mast (technically it shouldn't, 'cause then it would be called a genoa), but I think you have two options (I have both, one for my jib and one for the genoa that I added on a bowsprit). I put a piece of webbing around the mast beam about 2 or 3 feet each side of the mast, then attached my pulley to that. You can then take your sheet straight to some cleat (I use a cam cleat)... or back to the clew of the jib and then back to the webbing, with pulleys if you want more purchase. The Tiki I have came with a teak rail about 4 inches above the deck, on the deck side of the 'cabin', about 3 - 5 feet aft of the mast beam. Again, a pulley in one of the spots, and then back to a cleat. On either of these setups, plus with my drifter and spinnaker, I have a barber hauler that I can move around to cleat all sorts of spots. It basically pulls the clew of the sail either in or out, usually out, for a better slot between the mainsail and headsail, or if downwind, to keep the sail 'out'. Hope that all makes sense.

Thank you all.I have put the mast down and remade the splices, everything is better. Steve, if you have a genoa on a bowsprit, it means that you have two forestays?

For my jid sheets,I finally end by tying on the  rail glued with bolts on the cabin side then on the sail, back to the same rail in a block and then crossed to the opposite side of the deck to a cleat.

I plan to add a spi, but try to sail my boat properly first. I feel it difficult to tack...


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