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Hi all,

What size should a spinnaker for a Tiki 21 be? What I actually want to know is how tall should it be. Our mast is almost 22 feet, so what is a proper length? 

I see a lot of used cheap spinnakers on some local sites and I got interested. We didn't need it today though as we reached a new personal best of 11,6 knots...



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Hi Kristian,

Richard Woods has a great discussion about spinnakers at:


The main bit is.....  "A conventional spinnaker will have the leeches approximately the same length as the forestay, with a foot approximately 80% of LOA, giving an area of approximately 63% x LOA x forestay length. An asymmetric spinnaker will be about 10% larger. That's just a guide, obviously you need to discuss it with your designer/builder and sail maker. I'd recommend a tri radial cut as it makes a much better reaching sail. At the very least get one with a radial head."

Applied to a Tiki 21, that would mean a 20' luff and about a 16+' foot. I am looking around for a second hand spin with about a 14' luff to see how that works.

I have a spinnaker to mine, but as my boat is not finished I have not test it. I will post the measures soon.


Sorry, my message should have said I'm looking for a spin with 20" luff and 14' foot. Bacon sails has lots of used spinnakers.


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