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Possible sale of my Tiki 21/ or advise on getting it to Oahu!

Aloha everyone. I purchased a professionally built Wharram Tiki 21 in Portland with the hope of shipping it to my home waters here on Oahu, but that is proving to be more difficult then I first anticipated! She was built by a person that work for Steve Rander at Schooner Creek Boatworks (as I am told by the previous owner). Solid build with sliding hatches, with perfectly aligned hulls and cross beams. A really dry boat as well. She has the wooden mast per the the building plans, and rigging, but has not been fully rigged as a sailboat yet, so no sails. I also have a trailer for her. It's an un modified 17 foot boat trailer in really good condition. I will continue to work towards getting her to Oahu, but would probably let her go to an enthusiast in the Pacific North West that will give this boat the sailing time it deserves! I have about $1500 into this project, so that's what I would want out of it if any one is interested.

Mahalo, John

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Buy sails, raise mast. Sail toward the setting sun.

I avoided saying sail off into the sunset...
"that is proving to be more difficult then I first anticipated".
Why? Very big yachts are delivered from the US of A and Europe everyday here in Hong Kong. From Europe to here, cost is around 3,000 to 5,000USD for a 21feet monohull. And a Tiki21 may go in a container vith other goods, you may try to look for this soliution,
Or, as said... Sail her!
1,500 USD is the price for your boat? What a bargain!

Aloha Eric, and thank you for your comments.

Unfortunately it won't fit into a standard 20 foot container out of Portland (I am told), and if it goes in a 40 footer it is block charged, meaning it's charged for a 20 foot container with nothing else in that space. Big $. I am looking into the option of sending over a truck and boat/ trailer and ship both together. Matson will ship it out of Seattle, so I am checking on that option now. Believe me, I have long dreamed of having a small Tiki to sail around Oahu and possibility inter island. I even have a place on the water for the boat (rare for Oahu). At some point though the cost outweighs just getting a small sail boat locally, and the reason for the posting. I will continue to look into sending her over though, if it all comes together.

Sailing her? Hmmmm now that's a thought. How can I get 30 days off of work! LOL. 

What a beautiful Tiki 21 - I love it and if I didn't already have one of my own, I would be on my way to Portland to pick it up and bring it back here!!

By all means, go with your plan to put it in a 40 footer along with trailer and truck. I ran into the same problem and decided to add a truck and trailer to take up the rest of the space - my Tiki 21 on a 14 foot utility trailer modified to carry the boat, along with a Dodge Ram truck  went to Ghana, West Africa, in 2001. My son sails the boat out of his eco-lodge www.escape3points.com and takes guests on day trips up and down the coast and surfers out to remote surfing breaks.

Here are some things to consider. When choosing the truck, try to get one that will be short enough to keep the boat on the trailer and attached to the truck, all within the 40 foot length. My truck was an extended cab with a longer wheelbase and as a result had to unhook the trailer, remove the truck tailgate, with the hulls protruding over the truck - it worked but was more difficult to load the container and make sure that nothing shifted. Also make sure that the trailer is narrow enough to get in the container. In my case, the bulge in the tires literally scuffed the sides of  container - any dent in the container wall would have created a problem!!

Best wishes with the shipment, and enjoy your new boat when you get it to  its new home. 



Check with the Pacific cup and singlehanded transpacific organizers. They get a special group rate as most of them ship there trailers over empty and boat back. You would have missed the trip this year, but might be able to help you out with a discount or there is always next year.

Is this the boat that was set up with the solar electric engine? Not sure how workable a concept it was in Portland! did you sell all of the solar stuff? I'm not too far from Portland at the moment, but would be far too long a trip home.

Let me know if anyone see a Tiki 21 for sale in the SE US.


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