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Hello all:

I'm new and have a question: have any of you replaced the deck of a T21 with a trampoline?  My wooden deck has rotted away and I'm inclined to take another route.

I bought the boat used and sailed a couple of seasons before going to a different type of boat.  Now I need to replace the deck and rudders.  Everything else seems sound.




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decking is a structural member. It may alter the characteristics of the boat as a vessel to replace it with loose fibers.


Here's Rory sitting on Cooking Fat's netting "deck" at the start of the last Jester Challenge:

I'll have to think about that.  The decking floats on the beams and a rail on each hull and all my other cats have had tramps.

But, I have time and won't be starting for a few months.

clif high said:

decking is a structural member. It may alter the characteristics of the boat as a vessel to replace it with loose fibers.


At least on the smaller tikis, 26 and on down, decking or cockpits is not structural. I doubt that they are structural on any of the Wharrams.

Sorry Clif High but...

From the 17 to the 63 footer, anything hanging between the beams is none structural. I have been thinking of having longdetunial slats, held together with webbing. Plenty of dainege, and better to go on then netting.

You have to find a new place to hang your out-board motor, but I would like to get it out of the´cock-pit`anyway.

I think you, Pete, confused the issue for Clif+ by calling the cockpit platform sections "decking."  Decking (as in the tops of the hulls) is certainly structural!  I've proven the 3 cockpit sections are not structural by motoring into steep chop and having the boat move along fine while the sections jumped up and down and around between the beams and hulls...

I'm curious to know where the rot occurred, Pete.  Did it work in from the edges where we've found little dings and wood on wood wear can let water delaminate the 1/4" ply?

@John: we've tried a 4hp outboard just aft of the aft beam.  It does alright there, but cavitates when the bow goes down in steep chop.  Mounted too close to the beam and the motor can interfere with the tiller bar, too...

like the center sections

It started where the wooden center sections meet. I'd guess that where there is friction between the various pieces and water can collect there will be problems.


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