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Hi all,

I know it's a question similar to How long is a rope?, but I need to discuss it never the less. 

I understand that everything on the boat will get wet if sailing in 30 knots of wind with lots of waves. But can it be sailed "dry"? In what conditions? Can you sail it against the waves if they are 2 feet high without putting wetsuits on the kids?

Any input welcome!

Thanks alot,


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If I could close the gap between the trampoline and the inner-bow, that would stop a good deal.

And I get some from the out-board hitting the wave tops.

Thanks for the input! The seller of the Tiki 21 that I am interested in said that when he goes faster than 12 knots with the 8 hp outoard it starts to spray around the outboard well..... I don't see that as a problem though (just slow down - what's the rush?).


I find that I can keep the boat dry by reefing. For example, in 20 knots the boat is still quite dry with a reef in both the main and jib. It really depends on the waves - beating into a short chop will be wet, while dry on all other points of sail. You are not going to get 12 knots with an 8hp outboard.

not many conditions that you can garentee that a wave won't get ya.

Thanks for the replys!

I did buy the Tiki 21 and we are really pleased with it! I haven't had to put wetsuits on the kids yet. We can pretty much decide ourselves if we want to sail it "wet or dry". An occasional splash might happen especially when a large motorboat passes close by and we hit the wake.




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