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My wife has talked me out of using the diesel motor. She wants to go with 2 light 15hp Hondas so I am selling my 27 hp Diesel. It's a 1996 model rebuilt a year or two ago. I hung it from slings into the water here at the marina and it ran well. It's for sale on ebay.





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Hi Jeff, Sue and gang, IMO you are on the right track. I would mention that the 15 and 20 HP outbards are very much same motor . They are the same physical size and weight. Not very much more money at all. Just a thought. David

Hi David.


The 15 hp Honda is the one that comes in a 25 inch shaft. The longest shaft on the 20hp is 20". We wanted to be able to keep the engine wells higher to avoid slap while motoring.  I did like Ann and Nevilles set up, though, with their new 20hp.  And yes, for others interested, they are priced much the same.



Hi Sue,

  That is a good point. When I first installed the 8hp 25" on my T30 i made the mount too low. I never cavitated but the motor took too much salt spray and I started to have corrosion problems in a little under two years. This summer I built a new engine box/mount and raised it up 6 1/2".  I also changed to a 9.9 hp power tilt. I am right at the edge now on cavitating. In very rough water the motor will almost cavitate, but not quite. The motor does stay much drier now. The power tilt is totally cool.

   My thought here is that with the greater bridge deck clearance on the T46 that even with the 25" shaft you might need sleds similar to what Ann and Nev have.  In which case it might be worth the extra power as opposed to the extra shaft length. Just something to consider.

 Your dinghy is looking good.  David

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