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I have a new set of sails from Rolly Tasker and have a couple of problems. Perhaps someone else has had similar issues and can help.

1. The vertical straps with velcro at the top of the sail that hold the top of the mast sleeve around the gaff, tore six to 8 inches of stitching loose the first time I used the foremain. The same thing happened on the mainsail after a few uses. I let RT know though they had nothing more to say than "sorry this happened".

I repaired them by hand with sturdy thread, only to have them tear again. So this probably isn't an issue with the sails but with the alignment. I can't see anything odd about the alignment when the sail is on the deck so something must be happening when I haul them up. Obviously I cant see what that might be from deck level and am waiting for a period of calm so I can get sails up and run to the masthead to look.  I didn't bring the plans with me but AFAIRemember I did build the gaffs to original spec.

2. The second problem might be related. I cannot get the leach of the foremain remotely tight and as a consequence the gaff twists off dramatically at the top. The resulting sail shape is godawful and I am no faster on a beam reach than straight downwind. While I can tack through 120 degrees, if I want to get more than 3 knots out of a 15-20 knot wind I have to sail about 90 off. This makes progress to windward somewhat limited...

I have gone from having a free pulley on the gaff bridle to a simple knotted loop. I've tried two different positions for the loop so far with no change. I have hauled the peak halyard up as tight as I can get it short of using the winch and at the same time have had the clew as close to the blocks as they allow. I didn't think to take photos last time but will do so next time I go out. The shape of the main is a little better.

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Episode 104 Crazy Simple Sailing Rig of the Luckyfish videos features fitting up the gaffs and raising the sails. Have you compared this to your set up?

I have had no problems with this on my Tiki 31 sails (Jeckells).

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