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Who's coming to the Spring Wharram meet in the Florida Keys

Trying to get an idea of who is coming to this years rendezvous.  The event page is here... Feel free to rsvp there or here in this thread. Just trying to get an idea of what boats are coming and who all is visiting and from where. Apparently a classic Wharram was anchored in the basin right behind where I'm docked I found out they were there in the morning before work and by the time I got off they had moved on. I was sad to have missed them. Apparently their boat was built in the 70's and they are sailing it to NC anyone know them? Please spread the word to anyone who might be interested even if you can't make it yourself. We'd love to have as many boats and enthusiasts as possible.

Thanks :)

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Anyone? *Crickets* 

Barb and I will be there in our Pahi 31. I told Dan this earlier.

Awesome! Can't wait to see you and you boat again. If you know any other Wharramites spread the word :)


I'm so close, just up the road near Cocoa Beach! but every year something big has come up recently. This year we have a baby coming at the end of April!

I'd really love a chance to see a Tiki 21 up close, I think that may be the vessel for our little family. Perhaps next year I will make it down with my outrigger canoe, and maybe I'll finally build the Melenesia too so I won't be the only one without a Wharram boat there :)

Congratulations on the new future Wharramite... Bring the new babe if you can... if not I'd say it's a reasonable excuse not to make it this year. Although two of the attendees did have a baby while living on their Wharram ;) Just Sayin...


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